Friday, October 14, 2011

Makeup for a Cause: Team Pink Eye

Today post is brought to you by Team Pink Eye who is trying to raise money to donate to Susan G Komen for the cure.

I am so happy to be involved with this project. Throughout the month of October, bloggers will be doing looks and giveaways based on being "Passionately Pink" to help raise money. If you would like to donate go to their Team Page to donate. Remember that every little bit counts. If you can't donate, I suggest doing your own look to help spread the word, or to link people back to one of the blogs participating so that they can join in as well.

My look is useing:
     Face: Missha Signature Real Complete BB cream
     Eye Primer: VIE Crazy Primer
     Inner eye: RBC Zombie Ballerina
     Center Eye: RBC Schoolyard Crush
     Outer eye: RBC Hollywood (layered over Schoolyard Crush)
     Liner: ELF Liquid Liner Pen
     Mascara: ELF Regular Mascara

The inspiration for this look was of coarse, pink is the color to represent Breast Cancer, and I threw in the gold because everyone that I have personally met that has survived, or eventually passed from Breast Cancer had a heart of gold.

I want to thank you all for reading, and hope that you all will take the time to see some others blogs with looks, and giveaways that they are doing. Feel free to comment, and I wish you all well.

As a reminder, it doesn't matter your age, self exams are important. Also, having a regular exam with your doctor is always a good idea. It's better to be over cautious then under cautious when it comes to this. Guy, girl, it doesn't matter. Please, get checked. Better safe than sorry.

Remember, the only way we can fight breast cancer, is to get the word out, get checked, and offer any support you can.


  1. That color is pretty on you! I'm jealous of your eyelashes. : )

  2. Thank you!!!

    I actually dislike my eye lashes because they touch my eyebrows since they are so long! I at least don't have to deal with fake eyelashes. Lol