Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pokemon White: the Adventures of Felicty Part 1

Day 1
So, I start off my adventure today, and my two "beat friends" who I will lovingly call "metro-boy" and "needs more brain cells" come to my house talking about a request from some professor lady. Okay, whatevs. I get to choose a pokemon. So the choices are: half-wit  stuck up lizard thingy, a pig that looks like it's going to crap himself, and an adorable otter-type thing. I go with fashion over function and choose the otter. Cute matters right?

So, after chooseing our pokemon, "needs more brain cells" wants to battle in my damn room. Fine, I'l slaughter her. I rip her to pieces in roughly 4 turns, and she destroyed my room. Wonderful, now I have to redecorate, and bitch better replace my TV or I will kill her for real next time. Some "best friend" she is. Mom is gonna kill me when she sees this. "Metro boy" asks to fight, I slaughter him too, and then he alerts us that we are needed at the professors lab. Huh... know it all.

Downstairs Mom stops me to tell me she will clean my room. Flipping sweet. Maybe I can talk her into replacing my TV later.

So, the Professors lab. Nothing too fancy. She gives us poke dex's to document every pokemon we encounter. Great. Make's young adults start a pissing contest on who got more than who. Freaking wonderful. Also, she apparently thinks we ride the short bus and lick windows... cause she is asking us to follow her to learn how to find wild pokemon. YOU WALK IN THE DAMN GRASS AND THEN EVENTUALLY FIND YOU! DONE! EASY! Freaking-A! Okay, so meet her at the next town. Fine. It's only like a 50 feet walk. I can see the dang poke center from here.

"Metro boy" and "Needs more brain cells" ask for a competition on who catches the most pokemon on our little 50 foot trek. Fine. Be that way. I will win.

------ 5 game time hours later -------

Okay, now that I have caught one of every pokemon available on that path lets see who wins. I have 4, and the 2 stooges have 2 pokemon each. WTF!!!!! I just wasted a million poke balls and 5 HOURS when I didn't need to? Did they even flipping try! -headdesk- I am friends with morons. Great.

More boring instructions about where to buy things, battling, and poke centers... OH LOOK! Something interesting is happening. Who the frack is Team Plasma? They want to free the pokemon by using pokemon trapped in poke balls to fight trainers to steal the trainers pokemon? Isn't that kinda defeating the purpose of FREEING THEM!? I am trapped in a world full of idiots... maybe I'll start my own team... it'll be Team BRAINCELLS cause dear god I am the only one with more than 2 brain cells in this whole town it seems! UGH!

So Team "Contradiction" marches off and leaves everyone puzzled. Except me. I know they are a bunch of pansies, and I don't really care. I want to get the badges, beat the elite 4 and move to another freaking continent already, and I'm only  a few hours into my journey. So, my "best friends" and I split ways to start our journey to beat the gym leaders. I walk through every piece of tall grass to catch everything I can and level up everything. I beat the first gym leader, who apparently has multiple personalities, and then call it a night. Stupid people and their stupid ideas. Sure, challenge me with the pokemon that is super effective against me, but the dude at the front of the gym tells you theres someone in the dream forest that gives you a super effective pokemon for the one you will face in this gym. Dumb asses.


Alright guys, HI! This is Markie now. I will occasionally be documenting my pokemon adventures this way for fun. Why? Cause I am weird, and strange, and it's fun. So, read, and laugh.

Also on a special note:  Ramona..... <3 your face and you totally rock =D

Monday, March 28, 2011

Self-Image, and getting a little sentimental

DISCLAIMER: I am a woman, I have a vagina, and I have girly feelings. Just because I am a gamer doesn't mean I am tough as nails and witty all the time. Please understand that the following post will include some touchy subjects, and some personal experiences that are very close to home for me, if not about me entirely. Any negative remarks left in the comments will be deleted and could warrent a nasty response from me because I refuse to take crap from people on the following post. Thanks, and lost of love <3

Warning: This post may cause tugging of the heart strings, tears, the need for hugs, and/or an immense amount of chocolate. Please read at your discretion and keep a box of tissue/something huggable handy.

For those of you that know me personally, you know that I call myself fluffy. For those of you that dont... SURPRISE! I'm severely overweight. I weigh 334 lbs as of this morning. (Yes I posted my weight publicy... What of it?)  I am told I don't look that way, and that I carry it well, but none the less, it is unhealthy for me to be at this weight. My family has a history of obesity and diabetes. If I don't fight it now, I will pay for it GREATLY later. On top of this, thanks to my weight, I have a terrible self image. I look at myself and I see someone who is unattractive and undesirable. I have a wonderful group of friends and an amazing boyfriend that say otherwise though. They all try to support me and help me, but some don't realize how hard it is to lost. I can't run. It hurts to run because of the weight. I get winded if I walk to quickly up the flight of stairs in front of my house. My legs go numb if I sent on the floor because my weight alone cuts off circulation. I am in a very bad state. I'm starting to go out walking more now that the weather is getting nicer, but there is a long road ahead of me, and it's going to be painful. I know this, and I will warn you, it will probably be all documented here. I will sound like I am bitching a lot, but I need to. If I complain to some people they tell me to suck it up, and I just need someone to understand.

This bring me to my point. Never say you can't do it. Never say you are not beautiful. Never say that you are not sexy. To someone you are beautiful. You can do what you set your mind to. You can achieve your goals, it just may be a little painful along the way. I want you to know what I go through, to hopefully inspire some of you to do the same. And if you want to do something like what I am doing, finally dropping those extra pounds, feel free to find me on facebook. I will support you and encourage you because I know it's hard. When it's that time of the month I know that french fries or chocolate or chips is all you want, but it's not a good idea. Maybe a small amount from time to time, but order the small fry, not the "heart attack in a container" size. I know all of you out there struggling with weight can do it. Even if it's just changing eating habits, or starting a work-out regime, you can do it. Don't give up on yourself, because I haven't given up on you. I know you can do it.

Now to a more personal rant. I've had a whole ton of family issues lately. My grandfather is dying of cancer, and I don't want to face it. He had a stroke before I was born, so he doesn't really know me. He sees me as my mom, because I look a lot like her when she was my age, other than I have now been walking 1 year longer than she was. (For those that don't know, my mom had a car wreck when she was 21. She has a T12-L1 spinal cord fracture and it has left her paralyzed for the last (almost) 32 years.) He is so sweet, and even though he doesn't see me as me, he knows I'm special. His face lights up when he sees me. He realizes that I am family, just not sure where I belong, if that makes sense. I can't send him a care package or a letter because the woman that cares for him just throws them away and donates the items I send because she claims "They just upset him" It hurts because the cancer he has is not operable, which means he doesn't have long to live. They arn't doing treatments because it's the quality of life that matters not the quantity at this point. I understand, but I want to be selfish and say treat him until I can visit and say good bye. He's my grandfather, don't I have a say in the matter? I just want one more hug, and a goodbye.

Also, my mom being in the wheelchair, has issues with weight. She has to lose some soon or her weight alone may take her to an early grave. How can you expect someone who is paralyzed from the waist down to lost weight. So she's doing a diet where she is practically starving herself, and she is quitting smoking. Quitting smoking = awesome. Starving yourself on a fad diet = I'm not happy. I want her to live, but I don't want her to get sick from a lack of nutrients. I just hope she does things properly, because from what I've read if she follows the diet plan to a "T" then she should be fine, if not.. well... I see a hospital stay in her future. I want her to be healthy, but I want her to be safe as well. I am just trying to stay positive and it's not really helping.

On top of all this, the boyfriend lost his job. They lost funding for the company he works for, so they  had to put him as on-call only. He's getting unemployment, but I hate being the main bread-winner in the household again. It's stressful and aggravating all at once. On top of everything else I feel like I can't handle it. I just want a vacation, and I can't do that anymore. So much for going to Florida....

Any words of wisdom or encouragement posted below would be helpful my dear readers. I could use some right now.

Love ya <3

Saturday, March 26, 2011

On Pokemon... and their craziness

First off... don't judge. I am 22, and I still play pokemon. I had no childhood when it comes to things like Pokemon because for some reason I just never got into it until I was in my late teens. So, don't judge, I am just making up for last time.

So to cheet me up the other day the boyfriend decided to buy me Pokemon White. It's the newest edition of the game on the Nintendo DS. It has cut scenes, 600+ pokemon, and is more 3-D then the previous games. Finally, pokemon is catching up to the present day graphics that it whole heartedly deserves. I wanna see cute animal-type things battle in high-definition dangit! Anyway.... so heres what you get to choose as first pokemon:

From left to right:

Snivy is a grass pokemon and to me, looks like he's full of himself. Sure, he is kinda cute, but let tme explain that look. He looks like he was born with a silverspoon shoved so far up his butt that he thought one day he would rule the world. Since I am playing a girl character about to go on an epic journey to collect all the pokemon, I don't need to battle with my own damn pokemon for the spotlight. So I ruled him out right away. Not going there.

Tepig is a fire pokemon. He looks like he's on way to many anti-depressants and that he may snap and go crazy one day. Maybe once he hits rock bottom, goes to rehab, and gets better I will choose him as my starter, but until then, he needs to work on laying off the drugs. He's cute, but I don't want to enable an addict. I couldn't handle that burden.

Oshawott is a water pokemon. He is ADORABLE! He looks like a cute little otter, that for some reason never gets picked. He looks like he just wants to be taken home, fed milk and cookies, and loved. He looks like the pokemon that gets passed up for all the other ones. So, he became my starter, and I gave him a good home. I picked up his shiny little poke ball, put it in my non-exsistant pocket, and went on my way.

And so the adventure began.

Now... every game has had their own Team whatever to fight. There's been Team Rocket, Team Galactic, Team Magma, and Team Aqua. (I am sure there are more, but I don't know them all...) This game has Team Plasma, who are fighting for the freedom of all pokemon by stealing everyone's pokemon, Kinda annoying, and just as incompetent as all the other teams in the past. They come off as slightly more intelligent, but sadly it's all a ruse to make you think there is more of a challenge.

Also, as an adult playing these games.. some of the moves that your pokemon learns are no longer innocent sounding. Like when my Oshawott learned "Water Sport" I died laughing. It's supposed to be a move that improves the effectiveness of water-type moves. But my mind went to a totally different place. Same with using "Lick" from my male Lillipup on a wild female Lillipup and it makes them faint instantly. Yeah... I should pull my mind out of the gutter when I'm playing these games otherwise I will die laughing every time one of my pokemon learns a new move. I know, I know. It's a kids game and intended to be innocent... but it's really not as innocent as you think.

Giveaway time again featureing: Facebomb Cosmetics!

Facebomb Cosmetics is run by the fabulous Shayna Toole. She currently has a Facebook Page and an Artfire Page that she sells her products from. She's brand new to the makeup scene and I am impressed so far. The colors are wonderful, and the names make me giggle from mild names like a pretty green called "Irish Springs", a nice blue/periwinkle color called "RBBJ" (it's an abbreviation... points if you know what it means.) To an entire collotion called the "Charlie Sheen collection" with color like Tiger Blood, Adonis DNA and, Winning.

So to help her out and give people a chance to try her AWESOME colors. I am doing a give away!

Here is what you can win! 3 full, sifter-sealed, shrink-banded pots. Colors are :Tiger Blood, Jacked Up, and Snowpocalypse Now! Now... how do you win? It's simple:

1) Either follow this blog or have it bookmarked! (1 entry)
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A winner will be chosen on 4-2-2011 at random... You only have a week so spread the word!


On Gaming, and on life

So... here's the blog, you might think... "Dang that's a sweet header" YES IT IS DON'T KNOCK MY HEADER! Thanks to my wonderful awesome friend Dez for making it for me... I loves it. So anyway... now it's nuclear winter...

But not really. It's a nuclear holocaust cause I've been playing Fallout New Vegas all morning on my sexbox. I mean Xbox 360s... but the S makes me think it means "sexy" because the new 360 is damn sexy. So.... I've dubbed my console the SexBox. Deal with it. Anyway! Back to fallout... I've decided that my chick is a skank. I have seriously slept with the dude that tried to kill me (who I then murdered in cold blood right after he finished pleasing me) A robot named "Fist-o", A cowgirl in a swanky hat, and a few other people throughout the wasteland. I should open a brothel for all of them, well except the dead guy, and make money off them. God only knows you can never have enough money in that game. Also.... Beware of trainyards, cause there this one with Deathclaws, and they kinda rip our face off. Just an FYI if anyone who may try playing this game. Deathclaws + Low level you = mushy-pile of dead you on the Deathclaw's claws. Just saying. Be careful, and watch yourself. MOVING ON!!!

Other gaming crack right now: Halo: Reach. No, I am not so addicted like some crazy 12-year olds/adults out there that practically smash up the dang disc and snort it like a line of coke in order to get their game on. I use good old fashioned FAIL (I like the game, but yeah I kinda suck) and a lot of "plug in the mic and talk shit to the people you are playing against" Most boys/men flip out when I am on the mic because they go "OH SHI.... IT"S A GIRL!" and tend to be distracted and fascinated by me because god forbid there's a girl on the internet, and she's playing Halo. When they stand dazed and enamored by my presence, I run up, stick a sticky grenade to their face/nuts then run backwards and watch them explode. Oldest trick in the book, and it still works. Score 1 for me, Score 0 for the girl-obsessed gaming world. Win.

Onto some other news.... I am supposedly going to Sephora in about 4 hours for a makeover. Not sure if I trust them with my face, but I may still give them a chance. Maybe. If I do, blog later tonight with pictures of what they did to me will soon follow.

Speaking of Sephora- Tokidoki Lip gloss that is BRIGHT BLUE, goes on clear, and tastes like blueberries---- new addiction. I love it, I can't stop using it, and I constantly lick my lips like a nut job. Don't judge me... I love blueberries. =D

And I leave you all with this:

Watch it... you won't be disappointed. I listened to it and sang it while writing this for you guys. (I totally want to date that guy... he's cute, can sing, and more than likely a gamer. Love him.)


Monday, March 21, 2011

Primer, Primer.. Who's got the Primer!?

Why use eye primer? What's the point of adding another step to (for the most part) our already long makeup application project? Lets take a look at 2 options for eye primer!

First off, what is eye primer used for? Well it helps with making your eye shadows/pigments stay on all day, helps prevent creasing, and because more color will adhere to it, helps make a brighter look. There are people that swear by primer, and there are those that don't. The following is all in my own opinion, and this is my first time EVER using primers. Enjoy my fail y'all.

The Contenders:
Sephoras Basic Eye Primer

Urban Decay Primer Potion
(In the original sheer)

The question is, which one works  better? Which one holds up to show the true colors of eyeshadows/pigments? That's what I have set out to find out for you guys! 

Observation #1: Application

The above picture is my eyes with both primers applied.  SEP is on my Left eye, UDPP on the right (Hey look! I figured out how to label my photos without them looking like crap! <3) Both applied well. SEP has a built in brush, and UDPP has a wand. I do have to say I much prefer the wand to the brush because it doesn't clog up like the brush does. SEP dispenses by a twist bottom that pushes product up into the brush, which means that you can have to much, or the brush will cause clogs later on if not sealed properly. They both set themselves and were ready for base in about 1-2 minutes.

Observation #2: Adding a Base

 So, a side by side comparison. the SEP just kinda absorbed the NYX pencil into it. The UDPP held only the NYX Pencil like it was glue!
 Close up for the SEP eye. You can see where the primer changed colors where the NYX was applied originally.
Close up of the UDPP eye. The UDPP held onto the pencil, and allowed me to spread it fairly easily across my eye.

I really did not like the appearance of the SEP. It looked kinda gray-orange on my skin after the base was applied, and it felt strange. It really felt like I had poured straight foundation on my eye lids and just left it there. Not a great feelings. UDPP is nearly invisible, which means that if you don't take your makeup to the base of your brow, it won't show as much as the SEP would. It's also easier to apply a base onto, and it still maintains the bases color. I would be afraid to use colored bases with SEP since it would discolor them.

Observation #3: With Eyeshadow/pigment added on

SEP with Irish springs and Supernova: Irish springs took an orange undertone thanks to the coloration of the SEP primer. Not happy.When you apply a color, you want that specific color, not a variation of it. So, I'd say that SEP would be a better primer for looks with all oranges, or browns. That way, the colors are less affected by the coloration of the primer itself.
UDPP with Irish Springs and Supernova: Very true to color. The green popped and remained that way until I took off my makeup this evening. The Orange looked amazing as well, and wasn't made too bright or darkened by the primer. UDPP seems to be the better choice so far because it doesn't add more color to your eye shadow, it just helps it remain in one piece

Also, a short side note: Facebomb Cosmetics is a brand new indie company run by my friend Shayna Toole. Just got my first order from her today, and I love these two colors. Check out her facebook page to see all currently available colors!

The Verdict:

After trying both, and wearing both for a few hours, I have to say that Urban Decay Primer Potion is the clear winner this round! It does it's job, doesn't color the pigments because of the shade of it, and dries slightly faster than Sephoras Eye Primer. I really suggest it, and have to say it is well worth the money you have to pay for it. Wanna try it out? Sephora has their sample size bottle for $9 and they go a LONG way! I highly suggest giving them a try at least once. Urban Decay is my official eye primer of choice for now. Do you ladies have another suggestion?  Let me know in the comments below!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

An update finally! (it's a little long)

Alright Ladies, Sorry that I have been gone for a little while now. I've had some issues in my life (some are still going on) and I did not want to pass my case of the sads onto y'all. But, I have considered some things, and will be changing the misson of this blog a bit.

I want to inform the world of my beauty knowledge, inside and outside beauty. I want to inform everyone of the indie companies to love, and the ones to steer away from. I want to share stories of my life with people, cause sometimes, I have some AWESOME ones. I want to have contests, and give out freebies to share cool stuff with you all. Sometimes, I just need to vent, so sometimes, you will see non-makeup related things. We all have stresses, we all have wants and needs and desires. I want to share things with people. I want to make this blog into not only an informative Beauty blog, but make it a little personal as well. I hope you all accept that.

On to the Beauty Portion of the night! Woohoo!

I have fallen in and out of love with A LOT of companies lately. So let me make a list with some reason:

Glittersniffer Cosmetics
I feel betrayed by Glittersniffer because they made PROMISES to their customers, and never delivered. They have HARRASSED and attracted A RADIO STATION to cover the issue at hand. Their products HURT more than one PERSON, but claim none of it is founded. To find out more about the issues with Glittersniffer, see The GS Complaints blog in order to read more about the on going investigation into GS's business practices, the refunds they've promised, and the hope that they will improve.

Madd Style Cosmetics
Madd has not done anything that is too terrible. If you are looking for an all vegan company though, please be careful with Madd. It was discovered that come of their PRODUCTS were listed as vegan even though they contained Carmine.

Orglamix Cosmetics
Orglamix seems to be just slapping stickers on their PRODUCTS and calling them their OWN. There is more information HERE and HERE.

Ruthless Cosmetics
Ruthless is selling non eye safe colors as eye-safe. When this was brought forward originally as a buyer beware, they responded with some not friendly RESPONSES. Then they came back to fight with ANOTHER girl about the original blog that posted the buyer beware. A little unfair I think Considering it was just a warning to be careful where you use the products. Check HERE for further information and reviews.

Now, not all companies are bad. Indie companies are amazing, and I love them with all my heart.  There is Virus Insanity Eyeshadows which is amazing with their service, super friendly, and their shadows go on like a dream. There is Candy's Sweet Treats (link on the side bar) which I love, and their names make me giggle. And many, many more. I love those two, have tried them, and highly respect them as companies (reviews coming soon too! I promise!)

Also as a buyer beware- Morgana Cryptoria has recalled some of their lipstick shades due to misinformation from their supplier. Check it out if you own any so you can get an exchange/refund!

Lots of love, and comment below with your thoughts and feelings <3