Friday, February 25, 2011

What's on my FACE!?

Okay... thanks to Ree Mariani for the wonderful blog name. So, I decided to show you may simple at home, working make-up face. I may just make this a regular thing is you guys just like to see full makeup looks.

Before I begin, I apologize about my hair, it's really crappy looking today cause I did NOTHING with it.

Hi guys! This is my face! =D In all it's broken-out glory (it's been a stressful week okay :P) So lets start with the basics.
1) Foundation- I washed my face as usual in the shower, and put on a moisturizer (I use just straight Aloe, but choose your favorite) and put on a light coating of bareMinerals foundation in fair. dusted over with a small amount of bareMinerals Warmth.
2) Eyes- I primed with NYX Jumbo eye pencil in Cottage Cheese. Used Madd Style Cosmetics from Inner to outer: Kiss with a Fist, Til Death, and Lust on my lid. Eye liner is bareMinerals Big and Bright Eye liner in Intense Black, and mascara is CoverGirl Lash Blast Luxe in Black No 840.
3) Lips A coating of  Madd Style Cosmetics "The Dude" lip bomb with a light coating of Mary Kay Nourishine Lip gloss in Coral Rose

First off, this is my First look with Madd Style, so let me share some close ups:

I love these colors. I love pink, and love how these look. I can't wait to get more colors from them to play with =D

All of these products are things I use almost daily. I love them and feel weird without them. They make me feel good, and pretty. Puts a smile on my face when I get compliments on my eyes or get asked what I used. So tell me, what are your daily must haves? What do you have to use on a daily basis to feel like you are nekkid? Let me know, I want to see what YOU love so I can get some new things to try!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

EcoTools- A review of something soft, wonderful, and eco-friendly!

So those of you that know me, know that I try to be really eco-friendly. I recycle (even though we DONT have recycling bins) I buy recycled products when I can, I use reusable shopping bags, and I have been known to pick up litter as I walk down the street. Oh, did I mention I don't drive unless I absolutely have to? I live on this planet, and I want it to be a nice place to live for a few more generations at least, so I try to do my part. I also love recycled materials because they tend to be a much softer and lush product from my personal experiences. I've tried brushes from Avon, from bareMinerals, and finally EcoTools. Avon was nice, and they came in swanky colors at one point that as a teen I loved. the bareMinerals brushes were nice to look at, but really rough on my face. My hand slipped with the full coverage brush once and I got a good sharp poke in the eye from a bristle that was extremely painful. Then I found EcoTools. Let me tell you, I have never loved a product this much. I sold my other brushes (still trying to sell the bareMinerals ones... apparently they do have a bad rep) and converted everything to EcoTools. So here is a little review. =D ( To check out information on all of EcoTools products.. CLICK ME! )

What are they made of?
 The handle is made from bamboo, which doesn't take away from the earths resources, and it lasts forever. The metal on the brushes are made from recycled aluminum, and the bristles are Synthetic Taklon, so they are 100% cruelty free. I can tell you those bristles are so soft I can't even think of a way to describe them. They are all consistent as well in quality. The bristles are well held together, and I have yet to have an issue with them applying makeup unevenly. (My bareMinerals kabuki Brush would have issues with picking up more powder on one side because the bristles were slightly uneven.) Anyone who has put on makeup knows what uneven application looks funny, and can be hard to correct with foundation if you have a foundation that matches your skin tone well.

This brush is so fluffy and soft. it's a great all over application brush.

How easy are they to clean?
I have washed all of my brushes with baby shampoo and warm water. It removes the pigment/makeup from them, and leaves them super soft. They are like new even after many uses. Even after being cleaned so much, I have yet to have any bristles fall out. I'm sure you know what I am talking about. You are putting on your makeup, and a bristle falls out, and taking it off your face means restarting all of you makeup. It's frustrating and is a hassle, so the fact I found brushes that work without that issue, I am super happy about that.

My current brushes.
Are they cost effective?
The prices range from $3 to $10.  They also come in sets, Like one that I got that included 5 brushes and a case for $11. They come in great deals if you get sets, because you usually end up with multiples of eye brushes which are great for applying multiple colors. If you start with a set you also get a few brushes to start your collection with, which you can use and decide if you love them before making any type of a huge investment.

Final Thoughts!
I would recommend these brushes to anyone looking for some cheap, simple, and eco-friendly brushes. They do a great job at what they are supposed to do, and on top of that, they do it well as long as you have the patience to learn how to use each of them correctly, or use them in a way that suits you.

PS: Cute make up pouch found at Mushy Bug

Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Quick Update

I am doing a short update for one reason. To discuss why I have pulled my support for Glittersniffer Cosmetics.

Since I left the fanpage, and stepped down as an admin there I have gotten tons of private messages asking why. I do not have the time to outline in detail my reasons, keep it level headed and manage to remain respectful at this time, so if you would like to know my reasons, PM me on Facebook or Email me. I intend to outline my reasons for leaveing in a future blog (along with some info on other companies to take a look at) but I need to calm down for now. Emotions are running high for me concerning what happened and until I can write a blog about it without compromising the integrity of this blog, I just won't do it. Feel free to contact me privately if you want to know immediately or if you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them.

Thanks ladies, and I hope I don't lose your support over my decision to pull away from Glittersniffer.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Recalls and Chemicals to look out for

So we all make mistakes right? Yes we do. Even companies make mistakes because they are still run by human beings that make mistakes. So when a recall happens, you hope that your product is safe, or that you can get a proper replacement in a timely manner.

The FDA posts recalls on their website when they are issued for the most part, but what are their regulations? Click right here to view the FDAs policy for cosmetics and their recalls.Unless you are looking for recall information though, how would you know that there is a recall on your product? Take a look at this Avon Recall for a set of their eye shadows for merely mislabeling the containers, and possible color mix ups. This was a letter posted to their site, and sent to all representatives to pass along to their customers. They made a huge effort to make in known. For this Makeup Remover Recall the product was possible contaminated with an organism that causes eye infections, respiratory infections, dermatitis, and other health issues. The information was readily available to anyone looking for it. Even Glittersniffer Cosmetics had a recall, and they posted the information on their website, and their fan page on facebook (originally, it is no longer listed there from what I can see) to let their fan base no about what colors were not eye safe. Sure, maybe all of these recalls haven't reached every customer that purchased or received the item itself, but at least they are trying to get the word out. Sometimes it's hard to reach one time customers, or friends of customers that got the product for a birthday/Christmas/anniversary gift. The moral of this story is, to check online for recalls periodically, especially if you have some type of a reaction to a product. (cosmetic or otherwise)

Now, in today's world, everyone is at least a little concerned about where their product came from and what it's made of. I know that now, I read more labels and ingredient lists then I ever thought I would. Now, some people don't have the time to go hunting all over the internet for information on if their product is safe. I found a website called Natural Skin Authority which has a chemical list of common things used in cosmetics, hair products, and skin care products that you should watch out for. Now, not all of these are a "never use" thing like I have read. Some just have to be diluted a certain amount before they are safe for use. So it's more like proceed with caution. Try testing the product before using it as intended. If it's some type of serum, or eye product, putting it behind your knee or in the crook of your elbow is best because the skin is thin there and the closest to the skin round your eyes. Everything else, just test on the inside of your arm, use it as directed and see if you have any reaction before applying else where. I mean, a funny patch on your arm is easy to cover if you have a reaction than your entire face, right?

Below I am listing a few common things that I found in products I use at home. No, this doesn't mean I will stop using all of them, but I will be researching them more, seeing about if tests were done on them and such. I want to make sure that before I suggest something to you ladies that I know my stuff on it, and have used it. So heres my list of things to be careful of using.

BHT- Commonly used in gases, oils, waxes, rubbers paints and plastics. Purified forms may be in some foods. It irritates your skin and eyes, can cause breathing issues if inhaled, if you are pregnant can cause hard to the developing fetus, damage your liver, and cause dizziness.

Iodine- Commonly used in pain/wound treatments, facial cleansers, and body firming lotions. It can be absorbed through the skin or be a danger if inhaled, is not recommended for any type of use around the eyes, and can cause an allergy that will make even low exposure to it cause itching and other symptoms. This can also be used in moderation and diluted.

Niacin- Commonly used in shampoo, conditioner, styling gel or lotion, hair-loss treatments, lip gloss, moisturizer, lip balm/treatments, hormonal creams, nail treatments, facial cleansers and makeup remover.This is a type of Vitamin B, and is good for your body, but in controlled amounts (I take it daily) but it has a risk of being toxic to your cardiovascular tissue and your blood. It's one that you need to take in small doses and needs to be diluted with other things before being used.

Red 6 Barium Lake dye - Commonly used in lip gloss, lipstick, blush, and nail polish. It is just suspected of having skin and sense organ toxicity. Further studies of it will reveal more about it.

I've only listed 4 out of the many I found because I want to know make you work a little. Take a look at the site, grab your favorite bath product, or cleanser, and look up those ingredients. If you find one not listed here and you want to play my little game, comment below with the info you find. (maybe I'll make a little game out of it and award a prize.)

Also, I list BHT because it was mentioned in a discussion about what cosmetics are safe on a page on facebook, and did some research myself. In what I have read, it should NEVER be used in cosmetics.

(NOTE: Any of the recalls or information listed above are for your information entirely. I do not support, endorse, or encourage you to use any of the products or companies I have listed. I'm just delivering information and examples of my findings <3)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Eat your way to better skin and hair!

Okay, we all like eating right? -waits to hear the echos of YES!- We all like to look AMAZING too though right? -Hears another loud YES!- Then let me give you some advice on what to eat to improve your hair and skin!

Note: I do mean you have to eat/drink these. Putting cheese on your face isn't going to help you any :P (Just saying before I get any goofy comments)

Almonds- They are rich in amazing fats that help keep your skin clear and bright. You only need to eat a small handful a day, and they are also great for your heart! Try eating a handful of unsalted, natural almonds. Don't eat too many though because they are something you can over indulge in.

Avacado- Not only is it great for a facial mask, it's great to eat too! Eat in moderation because it has a high fat content, and although your skin will look amazing, you will gain weight if you eat too much. It will hel clear up your skin, as well as make it softer and smoother!

Carrots- Not only are they tasty, but they help improve eyesight, and keep the outer layer of your skin maintained, which prevents premature aging!

Cheese- Cheese is tasty, and hard cheeses help prevent bacteria from growing in your mouth and cavities from forming. So next time you want to act like a kid and munch on a slice of cheese (you all know you've done it at least once) grab a slice of cheddar, swiss or gouda. Then when you get funny looks, tell them you are preventing cavities!

Eggs- The high amount of protein in them are great for hair health. Without enough protein, your body stops giving it to your hair and it becomes dry and brittle. (Chicken is also a good source of Protein!)

Garlic- You don't need much, and it may smell like crazy but it does help combat wrinkles and helps restore tissue!

Salmon- The Omega-3 acids support scalp health, and healthy scalp leads to a healthier head of hair!

Wheat Germ- If you include 2 to 3 tablespoons a day of this in your diet, you will be combating acne! Who knew adding one thing could help your face!

Whole Grains- Great for your hair and for your body. Try whole grain cereals and whole grain wheat bread. It'll be healthy and amazing

I will be doing more of these lists as time goes on. Now what about growing your hair? What can help that? Here are a list of foods that help improve hair growth!

There you go! Want to grow your hair, then eat the stuff listed above, and avoid caffine, large amounts of sugar, large amounts of fat, and carbonated beverages. They are detrimental to your hair! STEP AWAY FROM THE SODA!! I KNOW YOU LOVE IT AND CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT IT, BUT TRY THIS: Drink black tea, which has natural caffine in it. So tasty!!!
Guess what!? Caffine is also bad for your skin in high doses. Is that morning coffee or energy drink worth the toll it takes on your skin? Other foods bad for your skin are salt, alcohol, and processed meats. Two out of those three are almost unavoidable on occasion, but just have them in moderation, have the good stuff you take in, out weigh the bad.

So, there's my "food for thought"! (Yeah, I know... bad joke) Try it out, have a recipe that is tasty and includes the foods above? As long as it's not Grandma's top secret, only blood relatives can have the recipe type thing, share below! (Don't break that implied blood oath with your grandma... she will kick your butt.)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Make-up On the Cheap!

I am a makeup fiend. I am obsessed. I have a dedicated set of drawers for all my makeup stuff. Yeah... I'm a little nuts. So here are some CHEAP make up products that I love. As always, if you have any to ad to this list, comment below with a link! <3

NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil- Was: $4  Now: $2.70
I love these pencils. I use them as a base for all my pigments because they work well, they are cheap, and they have a variety of colors you can use to enhance your look.

Yes they are a pencil, yes you do have to sharpen them, but they are worth it. I only have Milk, Cottage Cheese, and Black Bean so far, but I intend to get a full set. If you are doing a pink and red look for Valentines Day for example, you could use a pink and a red NYX pencil as a base for your pigments, and they help intensify the color. Just want to let your piggies show their natural look? Use Milk or Cottage Cheese. (The are pictured above. The White and the silvery color) They are a perfect base, and you don't need much. I put a nice solid dot at the center of my eyelid, and then spread it around the area I intend to place pigment on. Works like a charm every time. Check out redMascara for the $2.70 deal, and give it a shot. It's totally worth it!

CoverGirl Lash Blast Luxe- Normally- $7
I do not have a definite price on this for you because, I highly suggest going to your local Walmart/Target and picking it up. There are an array of colors, but I use the black.

This stuff goes on like a dream for me, comes off easy with makeup remover, or just soap and water. And it seems to last forever. I use this more than any other product, and it's lasted forever it seems. I usually only have to do one coat and I am good. But, keep this in mind. Mascara is not a "one size fits all". Mascara looks different on everyone, so you kinda need to try a few before finding your favorite. Don't try different brands of the same type. Try volumizing, try waterproof,  try lengthening.. Try all types before making a decision, It took me FOREVER to find and fall in love with this one. Don't lose hope... your mascara soul mate is out there!

Avon Glimmersticks Eyeliner Pencil- Was: $7/Now: $0.90
These are amazing. Tons of colors, easy to put on, and no need to sharpen! I've used these since I started using makeup, and if I ever stop using them, I always come back to them because I know that they work.
I found this deal at Scents for Senses. I am going to have to stock up on payday because that is a crazy good deal! If you have ever wanted to try Avon eyeliners, this is a deal to use to try them with. I really suggest them though because they are easy to use, no hassle, and no mess. That website does not contain all of the Avon line of products though. To see their full line of products, please check out my parents Avon site for current products, and more colors for this eyeliner. (This specific one is on sale for $2.99 on my parents site, so still a good deal ^-^)

Now, I would normally put up eyeshadows and pigments to complete this, but that is hard to do. Each seller has their own deal and sales. Like Glittersniffer Cosmetics is offering a 10 for $15 sale, which is a screaming good deal since her pigments are usually $6.50 (You save about $50!!!). Avon has their 8 and 12 shade pallets on sale for almost 50% off, you save between $6 and $8. Madd Style Cosmetics has 5 for $20, so you essentially get 5 pigments for the price of 4. There is also Candy's Sweet Treats (candyssweettreats) On etsy that offers 5g pots of Pigments for $4.50 as their regular price!! That's just freaking amazing in my book. All of them and impressive and amazing, and it's really based on preference for what you buy.

So ladies, I need some help. Comment below with products you'd like to see me find at a discounted rate for you! My next post about the shopping will include your suggestions! <3

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Raffle Winner and some other tidbits!

And the Winner of the Basket is :

MISS LIZ SHEPHERD!!! Congrats!! Liz, please contact me in an email ------> CLICK THIS
with your address and for more information about your prize! And congrats again!

For those of you that didn't win, I'm sorry, and Good luck next time. I am hoping to get some more raffle items together and run another of these very soon so please please please keep an eye out! <3

So, while looking around on the internet, I found an amazing wealth of information on one site. The site is called "PetitElephant" and here are some links below to some amazing beauty things of hers I found.
How To Repair a Shattered Eyeshadow
Comparing Volumizing Mascaras
How to make pore strips
How to line your water line
What Make-up Brushes you Nees to get started

Those are some of my favorites that I have found on her site. She also has advice for things at home, for style, for travelling, and other neat little how-tos. Take a look at her site, look around, maybe  post a link below in the comments and share with me and the other readers your favorite how-to or article of hers. I can tell you that personally, the making pore strips at home one is already saving me some big bucks. I used to but Biore pore strips, and it cost $8 plus tax for the little things, and there were only 14 of them. Way too expensive, but I had them pegged as a necessity since I have giant pores and terrible skin. Now, I'm never buying them again. Woohoo!

Another quick question for you guys... I don't have any more tutorials done because I hate all the pictures it take to get the look photoed correctly, and show you how I do everything... so who would be interested in video tuts from me? I am thinking of getting a webcam that can shoot videos fairly well so I can do some, and I want your opinions... Let me know!

Final thoughts--- Coming up, maybe later today if I feel the energy to do it, a review Madd Style and Candy's Sweet Treats! Keep on the look out for at least one tonight, maybe both if I get really ambitious. =P  Lots of Love ladies!