Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lack of Posts, and I swear I am back

Life, lots of twists and turns, and stress.

I realized why I am not writing here, even though I love writing. I want to write about life, and everything really. Not just beauty and videogames. I had 3 blogs going, one of my starting a happiness project/life, one for my weight loss, and this. So I am combining them all here and will have posts as much as possible.

I miss writing, and I miss just having an outlet for things. So, that's what I am going to do now. It'll be reviews, and life, and opinions. I hope you all stay that are reading this, I hope you all enjoy what I do write about, and I hope that if you are new you enjoy this.

Also expect more videos. I am starting to like vlogging a lot so I will include some of those here as well.

Stay beautiful, and happy gaming <3

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