Thursday, April 21, 2011

Final Thoughts: Glittersniffer Cosmetics

I recently announced I would no longer support, endorse, or use Glittersniffer Cosmetics. Now that I have had enough time to let emotions die down, I feel that I can talk about it here with a fresh and and unclouded perspective. I wanted to be truthful about my reasons for leaving, as well as provide information This might be long, so please bear with me

When I became an admin on the Glittersniffer Private group page on Facebook, I felt awesome. For the first time, I was a part of something. I have had issues fitting in since I was little, so this was a new experience to me. I followed orders, from Lela, about deleting and blocking users who were on the Glittersniffer Complaints page. I also removed any and all negative posts on the private page as well, and monitoring the main fan page for negativity to tell Lela about so it could be removed. It felt wrong, but my mind, I saw it as the role I was to play in order to stay apart of this group.

Not too long into my admin duties did I start to hear the rumors, from the other admins. They spoke of her lack of proper work sanitation procedures, such as, not washing her hands after smoking or eating. Another matter brought into question was her working environment. For example, her cat being aloud to walk in and out of her work area. I am deathly allergic to cats so the idea of fur in my cosmetics is not a settling thought.

An accusation was also made that Lela has an addiction to a substance called Kratom. Though it is legal in small doses, Lela made references to using it multiple times a day, in high doses. This was also witnessed by another admin that had gone to stay with her for roughly a week back in February. Though this is a more personal aspect of her and not the company, it made me stop to think what it was I was trying to be a part of? Was this type of person, someone I should be so worried of getting approval from. I was wanted to be a part of something, but not something like this.

These rumors have proved true with photos, eye witnesses, and even from Lela herself. I find myself now concerned for Lela Warren. She is only human, and I do not wish to harm her. I can only hope she will seek the help she needs to become a better business owner, but also a better person.


Now, before I left GS, I helped Lela create the Video game collection. After waiting  a month for my package, since I was promised a full collection because it was my idea originally, I contacted Lela and she was happy to send me one. I would like to share with you what I had received.

How it was packaged inside a regular manila envelope.

Inside the bag

The package pulled out of the pac-man bag. I already knew I was up for disappointment when I saw the broken soap.

The other side. The "Yoshi" green pigment was spilled everywhere.
The set of pigments as I received them. This is unaltered. I pulled this for the bag as is.

The perfume. The listing stated it was in a twist up tube, but was actually sent to me in a 5g Pot. Still cute though
It looks as though it was in a tube at one point, and just plopped into the pot.

The Mountain Dew Soap. Broken in 4 pieces, and was not wrapped. Everything was covered in a soap residue because of it not being wrapped.

The "full" vials of cosmetic glitter. In different vials, and barely full.

The Bath bomb. There was red glitter, and rock salt on the top. Some of which was scraped off as I pulled it from the package.

Side view of the bath bomb. It was cracked, had these white chunks everywhere, and was very inconsistent.
This is all I received. I was very disappointed. The soap was very thin, so it broke in transit. If it had been packaged and wrapped as most companies do with their soap I believe that it would have arrived in one piece. The pigments were everywhere. Most of the green was dumped out because there was no sifter stickers on any sifters, and the stacker wasn't sealed in anyway. Scotch tape would have been enough in my mind to prevent this. The perfume not being in the twist up tube doesn't bug me as much as you can tell it was at some point.  The glitter vials were no where near full, not even half full. 

I really do hope that maybe this was just my package, not everyone's. It is also my hope that Glittersniffer does turn over a new leaf and corrects its mistakes of the past as they promised. Sadly though, as you can see above, it doesn't appear that it has happened yet. Personally, I will not purchase for GS ever again. After was I saw with the Video Game collection, my heart broke because that was something I helped create, and it was no where near what it could have been.

I hope this has been informative to whoever reads this. I sincerely hope that possibly, Lela Warren will read this and see what has happened and know that I wish her the best. I used to be devoted to GS, I used to be an admin, and I loved it. Then it went south, I left, but I still feel like things can improve. For her current customers, I hope things improve and you enjoy what you get from GS.

If you received the Video Game collection, comment below and tell me, was mine just like this, or was yours broken/open/spilled when you received it? I want to know if I just got unlucky.


  1. My package was exactly like yours, Markie, though my soap was not broken nor were my pigments spilled. Everything else, however, was identical.

  2. My pigments were fine, my soap was broken in half. The reason the perfume was changed was because their ended up being an issue with the tubes she bought. She got them all made up, and then had to change her whole packaging. I had matching vials, but they too were not filled, they both contained the same amount as your red one. I didn't pay attention to my bath bomb because I just couldn't fathom the idea of taking a black bath. lol

  3. Its such a shame that this has happened to u .. OMG I can't even imagine it..

  4. OMG... THERE* not "their". I hate when I do that! :(