Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Gears of War 3 Beta--- Come on 24th!


Gears of War 3, the final installment in the series, will be released this November, but the multiplayer Beta opens to those with the invite on the 24th of April.... merely 11 days from now. How do you get the invite? By purchasing "Bulletstorm" (the EPIC edition) or by pre-ordering Gears 3 at your local Game Stop. Booyah. I bought Bulletstorm (which is fantastic btw) and I am pre-ordering as well. I need this game, I love the story, and I just need it.

Back in last June/July they annouced that the one of the final Carmine Brother would be in the third game. His other brothers, Anthony and Ben, died previously in games 1 and 2. How they annouced his appearance was great. They opened a vote for if this final Carmine brother would live or die of coarse!

The vote was done by sales of t-shirts and avatar shirts on the xbox. For him to live: you bought the black shirt saying "Save Carmine". For him to die: A red shirt with "Carmine Must die". I of coarse, looked into the character a little before voting. I bought both the avatar shirt and an actual tshirt so I voted twice... both to Save Carmine. (all proceeds also went to charity! How cool is that?!)

Here is my reasoning on why Clayton Carmine should live:

- Clayton has already survived a sniper shot to the head, proving that he is a badass.
- After his brothers Anthony and Ben died, he had them tattooed on his arm in their memory and a reminder on why he fights. A badass with a heart wins my vote on surviving.
- HE STRANGLES A LOCUST DRONE TO DEATH!!!! Seriously!? Those things slaughter people and he just walks in and chokes one.
- He looks like a badass:
Come on, whats not to love? Although you'd think after his brothers deaths that he would think to not wear a helmet. Anthony died of a sniper shot to the head because it restricted his view too much, and Ben died from injuries in battle. If Marcus Fenix and Dom Santiago are NOT wearing helmets, you figure that's the way to go... just saying.

Anyway... for you gamers out there, what is your opinion? Live, or Die? I wanna know. Comment below! If I pre-order my game in time for the beta, maybe YOU can have the second code I will be getting for it sicne I have the bulletstom one. ^-^

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  1. I'm a bad gamer, sometimes I don't even care about the storyline. XD I don't remember exactly what even happened in GOW I really only get into more open ended RPG's like Morrowind, Oblivion, and Mass Effect.

    Can't wait to see who gets it! :D