Saturday, May 7, 2011

Xbox Forums- A place that holds my guilty pleasure....

Most people that know me have described me as "awesometastic", "awesome", "lovely", "caring", "dynamic", and "Fandabbydozey"
(Note: these words were taken from actual posts on facebook when I asked my friends to describe me in one word. I had to giggle at some of the response)

Little did they know my guilty pleasure is none of those things! -dramatic music plays- A little background first though.

I have been a member of the Xbox Live community for almost 3 years. Since I first got into gaming I have loved the Xbox Live community and service as a whole. I got to play games with people from around the world, make new friends, and found a community that I felt a part of without having to change who I was. Awesome right? Except one tiny, itsy bitsy thing...


Hate them. Hate them all so much. I can not stand going into a matchmaking game on Halo:Reach and find out that players are using an aim bot, or using a lag switch to gain an advantage. Sure, it helps THEM play, but it ruins it for everyone else. This is also against the Terms of Use and Code of Conduct for the Xbox Live Gold service that you have to agree to in order to even use the service. So what happens? They get found out, either by the Xbox Live Enforcement Team or by being reported, then they get hit with the ban hammer. Some offenses only get you banned temporarily, some force you into a corner, and give you a perma-ban.

So what is my guilty pleasure? Why... It is reading the Xbox Forums section for "Account Suspensions and Bans" and laughing as people try to make excuses for why they had cheated, or trying to lie to the very people that monitored them and witnessed them cheating! Yeah that's right... I'm sorry to all my dear friends that I have lied to and put up the facade of being amazing and caring. I secretly have this little tiny black hole in my heart for people like this:

(All images can be clicked to enlarge)

Dear Sir or Madam, Cheating to get achievement is lame. They are something you are supposed to ACHIEVE, which is why they are called ACHIEVEMENTS <3 Me

Dear Sir or Madam, So you were just running a contest to sell services over the Xbox Service...Suuuuure you were <3 Me

Dear Sir or Madam, Please understand that asking about your suspension is a great way to work through things. Doing so from an account that is ALSO in violation of the Terms of service and Code of Conduct is just plain stupid. <3 me

Dear Sir or Madam, Your avatar was looking a little green about the gills, so Enforcement took a look and saw you were cheating. Take 2 doses of LEARN THE DAMN RULES and call me in the morning. <3 Me

Dear Sir or Madam, Unless your gamer pic is you IRL and you are actually an alien... good job flaunting that system tampering! <3 Me

Dear Sir or Madam, Although I respect you and tip my hat to you for serving your country, threatening other users is not kosher. Please keep the threats at work, not on the Xbox. <3 Me

Dear Sir or Madam, Good job on insulting the Enforcement team when there was NOTHING WRONG! Also, learn to read a map! <3 Me

Dear Sir or Madam, Since that temp ban was bugging you so much, Here is a perma-ban courtesy of the BANHAMMER for selling modification services. Think twice before putting that on your profile next time =D  <3 Me

Dear Sir or Madam, Fantasy Football... Awesome. Blatant Racism... Bad move <3 Me

Dear Sir or Madam, Selling Modded services on your profile= 1 ban. Posting about why you got banned from your secondary account that is ALSO selling modding service= Priceless laughter for me because that is ANOTHER ban for you. <3 Me

Dear Sir or Madam, So I hear you like to color coordinate? <3 Me

Dear Sir or Madam, Thanks for getting yourself Perma Banned! <3 Me

Okay... So MAYBE I am a little sick and twisted because I get enjoyment out of reading stuff like this. But I have a thing against people who don't follow rules, mod/hack and cheat their way through things. So, Forgive me? I love you all, and I hope you got some laughs too


  1. I heart your face, and thank you for making me giggle this morning!

  2. You are most welcome! I spent my entire morning reading those forums because no one was online at 3am when I woke up... imagine that! I got a lot of laughs though

  3. This would be why I couldn't be an admin for x-box live - I would be all like "Yeah you had a temporary suspension... but bitch that grammar and spelling just earned you a permanent one!"

    If your gonna complain to me, you better believe you ain't gonna come at me with anything that isn't polite and correct (or at least an attempt at correct) English >:-/

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