Monday, May 16, 2011

Teeth Whitening and Minecraft Fun

I adventured into the world of teeth whitening today since my toothpaste came with a sample of a bottom and top whitening strips. So I put them on while doing chat support for my job and can I just say DO NOT DO THESE AT WORK!

All of the commercials show women using them at work, and in the car. It's LIES. I was foaming at the mouth like I had rabies, I couldn't drink anything to make it better, and just had to grab paper towels and cover my mouth as everyone laughed at me while I foamed away. I work from home, but was on a conference call for those of us doing chat support, and they were all laughing their butts off at my little ordeal. Well, after 30 minutes, I excused myself, ripped them off, washed out my mouth, and smiled. My teeth, were defiantly whiter,
but was it worth the crazy ordeal? Not really. If I get them as free samples I will use them, but I will not purchase them. I will go the old fashion route of brushing morning and night and using a fluoride rinse thank you very much. 

Now onto some gaming shenaniganary...

So there's this game called Minecraft. You do lots of mining, and crafting. It is only in Beta right now, and is based on the computer. You can build things, and destroy things. There are zombies, spiders, and skeletons that attack you but they are nothing compared to this:

See that thing in the doorway? See him all menacing and watching you with his crazy face? That my wonderful readers, is a creeper. You build things, then he sneaks up on you, tries to lure you into a false sense of security, and then blows all of your hard work up. Yeah, that's right. He FREAKING EXPLODES! To give you an idea of what is in a creepers mind as he ruins all your hard work... see the picture below:

They gander at your hard work, maybe even compliment you on it telepathically since the only vocal sound they can make is that "SSSSssssss" sound as they explode. Then they stare at it as they complete their suicide bombing of your precious creation. Yeah, cause that's how they roll.

On a positive note... I made a hottub:

Yeah... I know. Lame. I thought it was funny. There is also a sign to the left that says "Hottub: DO NOT BREAK GLASS" Why? Cause I can, and i wanted a pool room^-^

Ignore the nakie barbarian in the corner... but I have a pool, hottub and diving board! Go me! Also, the black and gray blocks in the distance, those are the clean towels for your use if you should come visit. (Yay for well placed blocks of wool!) Also, don't insult my skin... It's girly because I am a GIRL and I happen to like girly things. ^_^

Also... apparently people like to leave me hearts:
This is outside my home on my household server... the boyfriend left it for me.

This was left by anon in my stash box in the public mine on a different server.
Apparently, my server buddies love me ^-^ Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside.

Stay tuned for more minecraft adventures and fun making in the future! There are bound to be some on the way!


  1. Ignore the nakie barbarian, she says... see if I save your butt from George again! =p

    And yes, your server buddies love you! <3

  2. ROFLMAO!!! Foaming at the mouth!!!! OMG Im not gonna stop giggling for days with that mental image!

  3. Oh thats really nice. You know recently I have got my teeth whitening done from a dental clinic and it was absolutely painfree experience. I would recommend you too to try them.