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Review: Tick:Tock Cosmetics "Infinity Eyeshadow Base"

NOTE TO READERS: I was in no way compensated for this review by means of free product, money, or any other type of reimbursement . I purchased the products review here on my own, without letting the seller know that I was also going to do a review on the products recieved. All of the following opinions in this post are my own and do not come from anyone else unless otherwise stated or quoted. Thank you!

So today I have a new product to introduce to you all. This was just released recently by Tick:Tock Cosmetics and advertised as a dupe of the NYX eyeshadow pencils that a lot of makeup users know and love. This dupe is what some people have been begging for since the NYX disaster a while back involving a sale gone wrong.

Say hello to the Infinity Eyeshadow base. From their Website:

Our take on the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil!
First of all, a big difference between the two is that our product is VEGAN and the NYX product is not. That was a huge factor in creating our eye shadow base, we had to make sure we created an identical product without the ingredients that made it a non-vegan product.
Another difference in these products is packaging. We decided we wanted to put our eye shadow base in a 5g pot, the same size as our full-size eye shadows. Our reason is that it takes up the same amount of space as an eye shadow, so storage will be super easy. Also, if you leave it in your car on a hot summer day, it won't be ruined like a NYX pencil would be."

Tick:Tock annouced the release of this product on July 22nd on their blog and also mentioned it on their facebook page. Everyone wanted it right away because the thought of a vegan base was something some thought would take forever to create. Now that it has been released only a month later, I was anxious to try it out.

The Ingredients as listed on the label are : Castor Oil, Titanium Dioxide, Camauba Wax, Dimethicone, Microcrystalline Wax, Jojoba Oil, and Vitamin E

When I first read the ingredients I was concerned. All the oils and waxes made me worrisome about weather this was going to be very oily, which could cause more creasing rather than preventing it. Or because of all the wax it would be flaky or so stiff it was unusable. I am glad to say I was happily mistaken.

This is how IEB appears in the pot after first being opened. My only solitary complaint about it's packaging is that there is not shrink wrap around this item. If a sample/pigment were to spill in transit for some reason (none of mine did just FYI) it could work it's way into this base, and be stuck there, forever.  Since they just released this item, maybe shrink wrapping is a future idea, or maybe one of the owners will read this and take it into consideration.

Does it actually apply and work as a base?

The base itself is stiff, unlike a NYX pencil where due to it's pencil-format it applies easily, to first apply this I had to swirl my finger around in it a few time to get the first layer off, but after that had no issue applying it.
Here is a side by side comparison of the two by each other. This was my first time applying the IEB, so it was more blended than the Pencil format, but this is be expected since you are using either a finger or brush in order to apply it.
Here I have applied RBC's Schoolyard Crush over both bases out of direct sunlight. This photo does not do it justice, but NYX darkens the color more than IEB does in my opinion.
Here in direct sunlight, you can see that NYX is darker than the side with IEB. Also, the shimmer shows up in the pigment better on the IEB side.

After doing these swatches I would have to say that it does look like a contender for a base. It holds onto the pigment well, it applies well (after initial use), and it does stay on for some time. I switched laundry around and loaded the dishwasher before having to actually remove them with a makeup remover.

The Water Test
I asked in a group on facebook about what they'd expect out of a dupe as I was planning these tests and one girl mentioned that with her NYX she could go swimming and her makeup wouldn't budge. I'd seen a few videos where people ran their pigment-covered base swatches through water to see what would happen. So I did one of my own.

These are how the bases were applied before adding RBC's Schoolyard Crush on top.
After applying Schoolyard crush. Notice that they are equal in amount and coverage at this point. Now it is time to go to the sink, and dump a ton of water on it! Well, as much as my bathroom sink can pump out in roughly 4 minutes that is.

I ran my hand under luke-warm water for roughly 4 minutes. I made sure to time a minute running on each individual side, and then hold it between the two to run it over both plus some occasionally swirling around and hand jive motions =D The end result:
Both held up quite well. NYX lost more around the edges than the IEB did actually, which I won't lie shocked me.  At this point, I was thoroughly impressed, but I decided to try one more test... and my favorite section to write up to be honest....


Yeah, I went there. Another girl wanted to know how well blending colors worked on the new base. So... Lets see!
As always, this is what we started with  just base, no primer or anything
I used RBC's Ruby Doo (a rich beautiful Vegan Red) and Hollywood (The beautiful yellow) that made the gorgeous copper in the center. I did the exact same thing on both bases and IEB took the colors and blending better in my opinion. I tried to blend the NYX side more because it looked bad, but I didn't want to add more product then what I had used on the IEB swatch.

Here is a video I made after try to get these shadows to crease on my hand:

The verdict is that it is great for blending, no issues or extra pressure needed!

The Work-day test

At the start of my work day I got the package so I did my makeup and have kept it on ever since. Here are the start of the day pictures

After working 8 hours, and taking 2 hours to prep the pictures, do the Will it blend test, and start writing this, my eyes looked like this:

Minus no longer being able to take the photos in beautiful sunlight, and rubbing the corner on my eye at one point, no creasing, no serious fading throughout the day.

Final Thoughts

I will say that for the price of $4 a pot, this seems to be WELL worth it. It stays on all day, no creasing (even with hooded lids) it has a slightly less greasy formula than NYX itself, and lasts even while water is being dumped on it. I suggest everyone give it a try at least once, it is worth it.

PS: Sorry, it was kinda a long one <3


  1. Thank you SOOOOOOO much for your review!!! We will definitely be getting some little plastic wrappers for them in the future! :-) Thanks again, and we are Sooooo glad you love your products!!

  2. Excellent review! Posting on The RAT Pack FB page . . .

  3. Great review! I still have a ton of my NYX pencils left, but it's nice to know that there's a good alternative. Mainly because I HATE the lids on the pencils ... all of mine are cracked to shit. *looks up depotting tutorial*

  4. OOoohhhh I'm gonna *HAVE* to get these... I love the Nyx pencils, but after their "Failaversary Sale" I refuse to buy their products now.

    And though I'm not vegan, I love when indie companies take *everyone* into consideration and create a product that all people can use- vegan or not :)

    Fantastic post too, BTW! I have two full Milk's left, but I'll be depotting and using 'em, and once they're gone that's it! I'm so glad this was ALSO posted in RAT Pack ;) I love seeing posts like this in the group!

  5. Thanks for doing such an extensive review! I now have another item to put on my beauty wishlist. :)

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