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Game Review: Gears of War 3

***NOTE: There are potential spoilers in this post. I advise you not read past the initial impressions of the game as after that I talk about some of the dialog, funny lines, and plot of the game. If you don't like spoilers, don't read after all the Italic typing***

Replica Lancer FTW!

Graphics: The graphics are amazing in my personal opinion. The detail on outfits, faces, and expressions are great. Even though the terrain is very post-apocalyptic, it has a new feel to it, and it is beautiful in it's own way in places. Also, the effects of the water and blood coming on the screen, the fact that items do move when you run into them in places is great too (Like a swing set that I ran into myself)

Dialog: Some of it is quirky, some of it is downright funny. Then you have the moment where it's like "Was that a necessary comment?" Now those comments usually fall into the funny catagory as well, but some of them deter you from the story line, or the task at hand while you go "Wait... WHAT!?" I will share some line below as to give those who wish to now see spoilers from the game shown here. 

Combat: Combat is still over the shoulder style, which it seems most either love or hate. I have adapted over the years and grown used to it. Originally I hated this style because I was so used to first person shooters. So I had originally avoided the entire Gears series in order to not have to deal with it. (I got hooked on the series while watching friends play it though) As for weaponry and such, they have spiced it up a bit by bringing back some favorites as well as throwing in some new toys to play with. As for are you overwhelmed or is it a cake walk. I am currently playing on casual in order to enjoy the game, setting and plot to do a proper review, and even on casual there are some time that it seems a bit too much when it comes to enemies.

AI: The AI have improved since GOW2. They fight more (in my opinion), they follow you more, they actually kill enemies as well. They are also more fleshed out. Rather than having a Dom depressed about his missing (now dead) wife, he has an attitude and some spunk. (For lack of a better word at this time) Clayton Carmine has a personality as well! He jokes around, has some funny/quirky lines from the get go, and they flesh him out well right from the beginning. You also learn more about some old favorites in this installment of the game via flashbacks, and returning to their hometowns. It's a great way to get to know the characters a little more

Enemies: There are plenty of new ones for you. You have the Locust that still pop up here and there as they are scrambling to avoid drowning, and you have the Lambant, which are nasty things that all like to blow up. So you have new and old mixed together, much more of the new though. With the enemies the only issue I have is that on Casual you look at them funny and they fall over practically. I thought it would be a challenge for me to do Casual itself, but it seems I've improved at FPS style games since the last time I picked up a Gears game.

Entertainment:  I find the game (thus far) to be highly entertaining. It's concluding a story, but it is full of action. I also like how it lets you "meet" the characters in a sense. You have the chance to really get to "know" the characters you play. Their pasts, what brought them here, and what pushes them to try to survive/fight. It brings a new aspect to the game for me, because I feel like I am reading a really good book, rather than playing a game. Well, until my hand cramps up that is.

Final Thoughts: I would recommend this game to anyone that likes a good shooter, and lots of action. (as well as fast paced action) I was able to play though on the lowest difficulty in roughly 13 hours. This was without really exploring, and rushing through events, to just see how fast I could get it done. There are tons of collectibles and COG tags that I missed along the way, as well as LOTS of exploring to do. I could probably revisit this game. Although it is not a sandbox game, such as Fallout where you kinda "Build your own adventure" it does have replay-ability, especially if you play online multiplayer. I will be doing a review of multiplayer seperately at another time. (It just takes longer to review guys and gals, Sorry!) If you have not played the previous 2 games, you have the option to buy the 2 previous games and play through them first, or on GOW3 go into the campaign Menu and choose "Previously on Gears..." This will give a nice little recap of the main events of the last 2 games. If it's been awhile since you played them I also suggest you watch it for a quick refresher.I do not think this is appropriate for children though. There is a lot of explicit language. There is a setting to switch it off, but there are also adult situations (hostages, death/grieving, ransom bargaining) Please see the game yourself before letting underage children play it, and as always, I encourage you to read and follow the ESRB ratings, but to use your own judgement on if it is acceptable for your child/teen to play.

My Marcus statue that I got with the Epic Edition. He now Guards my desk.


Now for the fun part. Things I have noticed about the game that I found funny/interesting!! -dances-

1) Marcus has gotten a little softer. With the realization that his father is alive, and Anya being available to him it was inevitably going to happen. (we all know they are secretly doing it, just accept it now and you'll catch the little hints in the game later and more quickly) 

2) The 3rd Carmine brother is a badass and is apparently obsessed with bacon. His 2nd or 3rd line in the game is "Mmmmm, bacon" and then he mentions it again later. Therefore, he must love bacon.

3) Cole Train not only is awesome, he's a hero in his home town. (even if him talking in the 3rd person gets very annoying)

4) Dom may have lost Maria, but he seems to have gained some balls, and a green thumb.

5) Anyone named "Prescott" is a douche 

6) The side jokes about "so this is what the government spent our taxes on" made me chuckle

7) After a certain point in the game, I like how they threw in angels and statues of the Virgin Mary (or someone resembling her) as a tribute to Maria and those lost (if it was not intended that way, that's how I took it)

8) Explosions = WIN

(Stay tuned at the very bottom of this post for the EPIC spoiler of them all: weather Clayton Carmine Lives or Dies, which was voted on by fans. If you do not want to know, don't read past the achievement list)

Favorite Lines :
"Mmmm, bacon" - Clayton Carmine
"I guess this is where you expect me to say I always loved you... but I don't" - Baird
"It's time for a grub-stompin party!" - Cole Train
 "You're lucky I had a helmet on!" -Clayton Carmine

Gamerscore earned in my first night/day playing: 220
Achievement earned (Not in any specific order) 
 - Ready for More
 - You're Dead! Now Stay Dead!
 - Ok. Faith. Yeah. Got It.
 - Look at That, Instant Summer.
 - Welcome to -redacted-
 - Collector
 - Brothers to the End
 - Think You Can Handle That?
 - Level 5
 - Baird's Favorite Kind of Toy
 - Welcome to the Big Leagues
 - Lost Your Good Driver Discount
 - Was it Good For You?
 - Anvil Gate's Last Resort
 - Thanks for Flying GasBag Airways
 - We Struck Gold, Son!
 - My Turf! Cougars Territory!
 - Putting it Scientifically...
 - Okay, Now We Find Hoffman
 - Oh Yeah, It's Pirate Time
 - Swimmin' in Glowie Gravy
 - Marcus, It's Your Father  

For Carmine info

 |   |   |   |   |
 |   |   |   |   |

 |   |   |   |   |        

 |   |   |   |   |
 |   |   |   |   |
 |   |   |   |   |

AND NOW! The question on everyone's minds....

Does Carmine Live? Or does he die?

The Answer is:

I chose the right freaking t-shirt!!

Thanks for reading <3

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