Sunday, March 4, 2012

Achieve-Queen: Episode 3

Hello all! Welcome to achieve-queen! Sorry that it has been awhile, but with all of the wonderful joys of moving, I haven't had much time to post. So here I am finally able to do so. So, time to get down to business. Today's Featured games are Gears of War 3 and Dead Island!

Gears of War 3

Award Winning Tactics: You have to earn 1 Onyx Medal in the game. It can be any one. What I did, was while trying to unlock some of the game mods, I maxed out the medal for fortifications in Horde mode.

Come to Poppa!: You have to win a versus multiplayer match as a FULL team of Recruit Clayton Carmines. Easiest way, grab 5 friends, switch to ahve your COG character be Recruit Clayton and play some King of the Hill (KOTH) until you get it. You have to complete an entire match from start to finish it get this achievement.

Defending the Past: You have to complete all 50 waves of Horde mode on one of the Fenix Rising DLC maps. Easiest to do this all in one sitting, and of coarse, you need to have the DLC purchased. I also suggest doing this with friends rather than randoms because it will be easier and more fun in the long run.

Locust, Forever!: You have to win a versus multiplayer match as a team of 5 Savage Marauders. Again, grab 5 friends, switch to having your Locust character as a Savage Marauder, and play some KOTH. (Note: you don't know if you will be put on the Locust or COG side each time, so I suggest knocking out the 2 achievements at the same time.)

Now They Begin to Understand: You will need to complete all 12 waves of Beast mode on a Fenix Rising map. Team up with 4 of your buddies, and knock this out in no time.

Wait, What Time is it?: You have to max the consecutive Match Bonus in versus multiplayer. So jump on and play continuously until you see this one pop up. Sorry, I didn't catch how long in took on mine.

Dead Island

A Taste of Everything: You will need to kill zombies with 10 different melee weapons. Not too hard to knock out because all you get at the start of the game is melee weapons.

Cardio: You need to travel 20 kilometers throughout the game. Easy way to get this: Run around like crazy unless the quest demands using a car.

How Many Days Exactly?: Easy to do. Put in Dead Island... Check. Forget about it for a month or more... Check. Put it back in and the the achievement... Check!

Learning the Ropes: Reach level 10. Beat up zombies and complete quests. You will reach this in no time.

Menage a trois: Complete 5 quests with 3 co-op Partners. Grab some friends, play the game for a few hours. Easy.

Need a Hand?: Join another player's game. Enough said.

Together in the light: Comeplete 5 quests in a single co-op game with the same friends/people.

Warrenty Void if Used: Create a customized weapon. This will happen after you've found the blue prints, collect the items needed, and make it to a work bench.

And that is it for this week folks! Next week we will have a special edition of Achieve-Queen, a full Alan Wake list of achievements since I just recently beat the game. See you next sunday everyone!

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