Sunday, February 26, 2012

New Stuff to expect from me

Okay, I know, I'm falling behind on the posting since the start of the year. I'm Sorry!!!

So what has been going on with me is:
1) I moved home with my parents for personal reasons. I love it here, and love that I still have the freedoms of living out side the house since I am renting 2 rooms from them, but still have the comforts of my family and the ability to help them out
2) I have started writing for Gears Community Online Network (GCON) and have Gears of War related posts coming out through them. If you are interested in the series, I really suggest checking them out.
3) I was moved to a different job at work that is better for me and fantastic and I love it.

So, I do intend to resume my "Achieve-Queen" posts that I was doing before. I enjoyed doing those, and once I get my computer set up for it, I may do videos to accompany them. No promises on that happening any time soon though. I have been gaming, but really have not gotten many achievements on the Xbox lately to really justify making a full post. But soon! Very soon! I just got a digital copy of Alan Wake for free from a friend at work  and will be playing with that in the next few days.

As for makeup/beauty related posts, I will be resuming those about recommendations and such, but full reviews will be few and far between for a little while. Moving home has made money tight, and I need to get that all sorted first. I will also be writing some more "Opinion" related pieces on tips and tricks I have heard about or tried from others, and I want to hear feed-back from you about the topic in the comments.

That is all for now to be honest. It is late, I am tired, and I have a date with my xbox tomorrow. It feels very unloved since I moved home.

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