Saturday, July 30, 2011

OPI Matte Top coat = My new Favorite Top coat

So my Fabulous friend Shelby spoiled me today with some goodies from Sephora. I will do a bigger post on that later on becuase some of the savings were just too amazing to believe. One of the things she bought me was OPI's Matte top coat. I'd bought this for her previously because she looked like she would die without it, and she loved it, so she bought it for me as well.

The first thing I did was give my nails a coating of OPIs Chip Skip, followed by 2 layers of OPI's Glee Collection color-- "Who let the dorks out?"

This color is a gorgeous blue-green in person, it is hard to catch in a photo. This is what my nails looked prior to the top coat. They looked lovely by themselves without a top coat, which means I could wear it both ways, which is great. It has a nice shimmer to it, and I love it.

Next I added a nice coat of the matter top coat. At first it looked shiny when it applied, but after about 30 seconds it began to dry and have a matte finish:
The difference is amazing. I love both looks, but I am trying out the matte for now to see  how well it lasts. I will let you all know in a week how that turns out.

The Matte top coat is currently priced at $9.50 at Sephora. The OPI Glee color I used is priced at $4 because it is on sale (at least at my sephora) and the OPI Chip Skip is priced at $9.50 at Fred Myer near me. I highly recommend all of these products because I love them

Note: The reason they are all OPI products, if OPI is the only brand I have found with my nails that doesn't chip horribly, or begin peeling off my nails within 48 hours. Any other brand, no matter what I do for a base/top coat they are ruined within just a few hours which is highly disappointing. I am in no way being paid or given compensation for promoting OPI. I just simply love their products <3

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