Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Say 'Yes to' an AMAZING Skin care brand!

This is a VERY long overdue post. I have found, and fallen in love with an amazing brand of Skin care products, as well as shampoos/conditioners and body stuff. They try to use as many natural ingredients as possible, smell fantastic, and can be found at Target, Walmart, and various other stores. So here is my little blurb about their line of products, what I have used, and what I think!

The Yes To brand was founded in 2006. "Yes To combines high-quality organic fruits and vegetables with a special mineral elixir derived from the Dead Sea to nourish and hydrate naturally." (quote taken from their site) They try to find things and make them as a way to make you feel happier and healthier.
Their prices are a little higher than what I normally buy, ranging for 9.99 to 19.99. Worth every penny in my opinion that's for sure!

So lets talk about Skin care. They have 4 Yes to Brands for this. Yes to Tomatoes, Yes to Carrots, Yes to Blueberries, and Yes to Cucumber. So far all I have tried is Yes to Tomatoes, so let me tell you about the other 3 and then tell you about my experience with the Tomato side of things =D

Yes to Carrots-  This line is for nourishing your skin. If your skin is soft/tight after cleansing, is noticeably dry/flaky, or needs more moisture then this is the line for you. This line includes a daily cleanser, a day cream, a night cream, a moisturizer, an eye cream, a softening mask, exfoliating cleanser, and Makeup Removing cleanser.
Yes to Cucumbers- This line in for soothing your skin. If you skin has had a recent reaction to beauty products or weather changes, reddness/irritation, or you are partial to a more gentle product this is the line you want to use. The line includes facial towelettes, eye gel, a daily cleanser, and a moisturizer.

Yes to Blueberries-  This line is their Age Refresh line. If your skin has fine lines or wrinkles that are appearing, your skin has lost it's firmness or elasticity, or your skin has been affected by age or sun damage. This line includes an eye roller, facial towelettes, moisturizer, hydrating cream, eye firming treatment, a skin repair serum,and a daily cleanser.

Yes to Tomatoes-  This line is their clear skin and acne line. If your skin has a shiny look, you have an oily t-zone, you breakout frequently, or have a shiny/oily appearance this is the line you are looking for. They have an acne spot stick, Daily Pore scrub, cleansing facial pads, daily clarifying cleanser, moisturizer, and a facial mask.

Yes to Tomatoes is the line that I use. I have oily skin, and acne like I just hit puberty in all honesty. Since I started using these though it is going away. But, you have to use things appropriately. So let me share my morning/nightly routine. More will be added to this as I get more of the products.

Step 1: Clear Skin Daily Clarifying Cleanser ($9.99)
While in the shower, because it's easy, I scrub my face in a circular motion with this. I will let it sit for a moment or two then rinse it off, again movingin a circular motion

Step 2: Deep Cleansing Facial Pads ($7.99)
After I've gotten out of the shower, I was this on my face. One pad is more than enough for your whole face and neck. This asks that you do it on a clean face, which is why after the shower.

Step 3: Acne Roller Ball Spot Stick ($9.99)
This is the final step that I do that way it isn't taken off by washing. Place this only on spots where you have blemishes. You can do this morning and night, or just once a day if it's not too bad of a spot.

As I said, it is not the cheapest thing in the world, but look for sales! Check online if you arn't like me and you need it right now.


Here are the rules:
1) Be a follower on the blog
2) Comment below with what skin care line you'd need/use
3) On Friday, July 8th  at 10pm PST I will name a winner who will get the starter kit for the line they named!!!

NOTE: I will have to order this after the winner is chosen. Please be patient with shipping and such <3


  1. My friend who is an esthetician swears by Yes to Carrots. I don't know why I haven't tried it yet. He was so right about the Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask. So, I'll go with Yes to Carrots (that's the only time you'll hear me say yes to any vegetable by the way).

  2. I would probably say that I would use Yes to Tomatoes as well, I need something for these stupid blemishes that don't ever really surface. I've wanted to try this brand for a long time too!

  3. Not sure how I wasn't a follower before, but oh well! I am now! :D I've never heard of Yes to before. I will definitely have to check them out and look for sales! I think I'd use the Yes to Tomatoes. (even though I really HATE tomatoes! LOL)

  4. Yes to Cucumbers sounds just like me.

  5. Oh, love it! I've been looking for a routine, and I dunno if I'd want Yes To Cucumbers, or Yes To Blueberries. I don't know how I forgot about the Yes To lines! Hmmmm. I think Yes To Blueberries, since I'm noticing some fine crinkles around my eyes!

  6. I would use the Yes To Blueberries line!

    I'm following as Vijaya in GFC!

  7. I would really like to try the yes to carrots and yes to tomatoes, just because i break out if I dont wash. Not sure which. Can you mix them to tailor make a routine? lol Thats probably what I would have to do

  8. I really need/want the yes for carrots products! I currently use yes to blueberries eye cream every night.

  9. i think either cucumber or blueberry. i'm not wrinkling up yet but i wouldn't mind preventing it! :)

  10. I would either get the tomato or blueberry set, I would probably end up mixing the 2 lines for my skin.

  11. I would choose Yes To Tomatoes. and I follow your blog. Ashley Blankenship

  12. I'd say... Yes to "Tuh-may-taas"!

    I've never heard of this line- but it could be due to the fact that the closest Target to me is over an hour away *sad face*

    I have blemishes that are stubborn sometimes... But my skin is pretty much alright usually. I don't have "acne", but my breakouts happen about once a month... Frustrating! It would be awesome to have a product that would reduce that obvious "Hey guess what time of the month it is by the size of my zits!" flag... LOL

    I follow you as Snarky P, but I'm Amanda Ruth on FB

  13. I most definitely need Yes To Carrots. My skin is very dry and never gets any relief.

  14. i've seen the line in stores before and wanted to know more about it! from your descriptions, i'd need the tomatoes line... :] but awesome review! :]

  15. Yes to Tomatoes sounds just like what I need except for tomatoes are icky. Oh well, beauty is more important!

  16. I'm definitely going to look for these now! The fact that they're all natural is VERY appealing to me, I'm actually kind of surprised I hadn't seen them already! Anywho, I would most likely use the Yes to Blueberries considering I'm getting looots of forehead wrinkles (thanks mom!) I'm also curious about the question a couple of girls asked, can you use more than one line to customize it? It sounds like the Yes to Carrots is right up my alley too.

  17. You can use more than one line, I am purchasing some of the blueberry ones tonight after work to try, but this give away if for one of the bundled starter sets that comes with 3 skin care products from one line. Sorry laides :(

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