Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A look in Rememberance

So, in my last post I explained that I have been under the weather. I have actually been in and out of the hospital, and seen a few doctors now because of some medical issues. These issues are pushing the doctors to believe that I have Crohn's Disease. It is not confirmed yet but it scares me to death.

My Grandmother had Crohn's and died from complication with it almost 4 years ago now. I miss her terribly and she means the world to me.

I decided to do my makeup on a whim tonight, and took the colors for Crohn's and Colitis awareness (which is purple) and use them.

The colors I used were Rockeresque and I used Hula Hoop and Ursula. I layered a small amount of Platinum blonde in the corners over the Hula Hoop. On my lips is Simply Sweet Skins Lip honey in "Plain Jane"

I filled my brows in with Rockeresque's Gingerbread Cookie

All colors were applied wet and over a primer.

Dear Grandma,
I love you <3


  1. An awesome look for an awesome cause! <3

  2. Oh no - I hope that's not the case for you :S

    I had a co-worker with Crohn's and she was very cheerful and brave about it, and worked way harder than the rest of us - and she was very old, I'm talking in her 70s minimum - so I'm going to take her as living proof that it is possible to enjoy a long fun life even with chronic illness <3 But still obviously hope you don't have it or anything else like it!

  3. I hope it doesn't turn out to be Chron's Markie, but I'll be keeping you in my thoughts while you go through all the testing and issues. I'd give you a great big hug if I could, so here's a cyber one... **HUG**

    I'm awful sorry to hear about your Grandmother too- it's so difficult to lose a close family member. I think this look is gorgeous though :)
    Here's to better days and not being sick!