Friday, November 11, 2011

FOTD: Random colors edition

Hello everyone! Today I decided to choose 3 random colors, and use them to make a look. My results were Ruby Doo, My Monster, and Misshapes from Rockeresque Beauty Company.

 Face: Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream No. 21
Eye Primer: VIE Crazy Primer

Eyes: My Monster and Ruby Doo (applied wet)
Eye Liner: Maybelline NY Line Stiletto liquid eyeliner
Mascara: Sephora Regular eye liner
Lips: Misshapes

Misshapes was applied over my EOS lip balm.

I really love Misshapes as a lip colors because it looks pink one way, and a purple-ish color another. It is beautiful, and I think that everyone should try it!!


  1. I really like how the green and the reddish-brown shades look together. Two of my favourite eyeshadow shades to wear are greens and browns, so I think I might try something similar. =)

  2. My Camera fails at showing the colors. My monster is a beautiful blue-green and Ruby Roo is a rich dark red. It almost changes color depending on the light. I really really love it though