Monday, November 7, 2011

Simply Sweet Skin Haul

So over the weekend I recieved some delicious goodies from Simply Sweet Skin. I have fallen in love with some of their fall scented goodies, and I am SO glad that she is keeping some of the scents around!

First up:Sea Salt Caramel Soap Bar

Photo Used with permission from SSS
 Not only does this smell like a salted caramel, and look fantastic, but it leaves the slightest lingering scent with it as well. The salt is on one side, and then the creamy soap on the other. my first thought upon opening it was this would make a heavenly shaving bar. So I used the salt scrub side to exfoliate my legs, then rinsed and got a lather worked up on my legs to use as a shave cream of sorts. Again, SSS has the best products for shaving with because I got a nice smooth shave, with an older almost dead razor, no cuts, and no razor burn. Highly recommend this one!

Second: Sweet Lips Lip Scrub in Pumpkin Cheesecake

Photo used with permission from SSS
Okay, I will admit it. It smelled SO good, that before I used it for it's intended purpose, I totally taste tested it. It tasted like cheesecake, and sugar. I was happy. So I used it on my lips. It actually helped with my lips not drying out as much through out the next day or two! Fantastic :D I love that it works, and it doesn't taste like soap. Another one I had from another company tasted like soap and it made me sad. So this is my new replacement!

Third: Pumpkin Cheesecake Body Souffle

Used with permission from SSS
I got this because the Whipped Body frosting is amazing for my super dry feet because it sucks everything up and makes them soft, but everywhere else, it made my greasy skin greasier. So it goes when you have oily skin. So, I decided to try this since it was boasted as less oily and lighter. And it is everything it is said to be. It absorbs well, smells fantastic, leaves things feeling silky smooth, and oh, did I mention it smells FANTASTIC!

Fourth:Pumpkin Cheesecake Skin Glimmer Lotion

I am sorry for the lack of photo ( i will show this in the video) But this stuff is amazing it is a more traditional lotion that leaves a faint shimmer behind. It smells amazing and it great for date night to add a little "glow" to your appearance!

Enjoy <3


  1. Ha! gotcha hooked on the caramel sea salt bar!

  2. Shelby, have you tried Shaving with that bar? If not, DO IT!!!! It is amazing!

  3. Uh, yeah. That's why mine ran out so fast! Between regular showering, shaving and lathering up just because I could... Yeah, it was gonzo in no time!

  4. I have a sample-sized Sea Salt Caramel Soap Bar and I LOVE it! I tried shaving with it as per your suggestion and it works amazingly well. ^^