Friday, January 7, 2011

Cheapskate Shopping- Hair Care

Alright my wonderful readers! It's time for the first official Cheapskate shopper guide! I will be doing these occasionally where I find expensive name brand or Salon products for cheap. This time, it will be on Hair Care products. You'll see some styling things, some shampoos, and some styling tools. Best of luck, enjoy!

The Products shown here were found on Salon Savings

1) Bed Head Ego Boost Leave In Conditioner/ In Salon: $16 + , Here: $11
This item is described on the site as " a no-rinse conditioner that rescues your dry hair. Restore your hairs' split ends and create a silky protective layer, with TIGI Bed Head Ego Boost."

2) Bed Head After Party Cream/ In Salon: $19+, Here: $15
This item is described on the site as "a softening cream that creates a natural and fresh look. TIGI Bed Head After The Party Creme gives you great shine and leaves hair feeling fuller, thicker with beautiful bounce. Join the party!"

3) It's a 10 Miracle Hair Mask/ In Salon: $37.50 +, Here: $18.50 (review coming soon)
This item is described on the site as "works wonders in your hair. It Detangles, restores moisture and elasticity. It softens, smoothes and adds a luminous shine. Its a ten also improves color vibrancy."

4)  Healthy Sexy Soymilk Shampoo/ In Salon: $9+, Here: $4 (review coming soon)
This item is described on the site as " the first-ever haircare line based on soy protein. Soy delivers ultimate strength and moisture to rebuild the hair, restore its shiny, healthy appearance and keep it looking great."

5)  Big Sexy Hair Spray and Stay Hairspary/ In Salon: $6+, Here: $4
This item is described on the site as "a hair spray that delivers control, manageability and volume while giving hair shine and sealing out humidity."

6) Sexy Hair Organics Moisturizing Treatment/ In Salon: $20+, Here: $5 (review coming once it's back in stock)
This item is described on the site as " formulated to repair dry, damaged hair and protect against future environmental stresses. Made with 76% organic ingredients, it protects and de-tangles when applied to wet hair. Sexy Hair Organics Moisturizing Treatment provides an intense moisture boost to even the driest hair."

7) TS-2 Detailer Mini Tourmaline Ceramin Flat Iron 1/2 inch/ In Salon: $36+, Here: $20
This item is described on the site as "only 6 inches long with 1/2 inch plates. Heats up to 400 degrees, tourmaline/ceramic/ionic technology. Great for short hair, bangs, roots, touch-ups and travel."

 I have to say, Salon Saving impressed me. I've used them before, but their prices seem to have only gotten better. There is much much more on the site, and I highly recommend checking it out. Shipping for anything under $30 is only $6, which is pretty cheap. Compare that to the savings, and the gas you'd spend to go pick these items up at a salon, and I'd say that you have quite a deal here.


Upcoming things:

 ~ A Full Review on Glittersniffer Cosmetics
~ A Full review on EcoTools Make up Brushes
~ Next Cheapskate shopping will be on Make up!
~A Full Review on MADD Style Cosmetics
~ A Full Review on Healthy Sexy Soymilk Shampoo/Conditioner
~ A Look an whitening your teeth, the cheap and easy way!

So, listed above is what I have on my plate for the time being, there may be some other things thrown in there as well from time to time. ALSO!!! The Giveaway for the basket is still going until Feb 1st! Please recommend this blog to family, friends, coworkers, and whoever else you can think of! Good luck and stay classy ladies!

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