Monday, January 31, 2011

REVIEW: Concrete Minerals

Alright ladies, and gents (if there are any reading this) Sorry about my little absence there. I have been busy with work, and the joyous Flu Season caught up to me, and kicked me in the face, so  I haven't been in exactly a blogging mood. But I'm back, and I think it's time for a review!

So, about 2 weeks ago I recieved samples of Concrete Minerals that I requested off their etsy site. For being samples, they came with a nice amount of pigment, and I was very impressed. Definitely got my monies worth with them! So they arrived in a very timely manner, within a week after I ordered, wth no spillage. I was extremely please. So here are the 4 pots as I received them. (Obviously after unpacking them from the mailer.)
Four wonderful pots unopened and ready to be used and loved!

The bottom of the pots, all with labels.
So they arrived in one piece, without spilling, with proper labeling, and in a timely fashion, I think I am in love <3
That's right, it has a label on the bottom that includes: Company name, Color name, Ingredients, Logo, the actual weight(covered by the sample sticker) and their website. (which is a coming attraction. I went there to check it out and it's under construction for now) It's all neat, clean and easy to read. I love labels because it's easier to know what colors you are wearing/putting on that day.

Now, to reveal the first pot. I opened to find my new favorite thing for all make up companies to use:
A sifter sticker... with a TAB on it!!!! I about freaked out and did a happy dance. I love sifters, I love the job of sifter stickers, but whoever invented the ones with the tab that goes up the side for easy access, you are my new best friend sir! No wonder there was no spillage! This is a gift from the gods I believe. (I know, I'm strange, I'm all freaking out over a sifter sticker, but seriously ladies... imagine the delight I had to find I wouldn't have to fight to get to my precious piggies. <3

So the colors I got were:
 So far, I love them all. To show how well they blended together I did a look with Kismet, Jezebel, and Souljourner:

The Above pictures are my little creation using the pigments. I have to say I am super happy with it. The end results was amazing, and I have to say I was worried about adding the blue at the end, but it gave it a nice little fading effect. They blended so easily, and I didn't have to add extra pigment to get any of this effect, this was all from the original application.

There was little to no fallout as well. This comes from pigments that adhere well, as well as practice at application. Either I've gotten really good in the past 2 weeks, or these are amazing pigments.

So My Final verdict... I am in LOVE! They are amazing, they were received in a timely manner, and they work together beautifully! I will definitely be buying again.

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