Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Raffle Winner and some other tidbits!

And the Winner of the Basket is :

MISS LIZ SHEPHERD!!! Congrats!! Liz, please contact me in an email ------> CLICK THIS
with your address and for more information about your prize! And congrats again!

For those of you that didn't win, I'm sorry, and Good luck next time. I am hoping to get some more raffle items together and run another of these very soon so please please please keep an eye out! <3

So, while looking around on the internet, I found an amazing wealth of information on one site. The site is called "PetitElephant" and here are some links below to some amazing beauty things of hers I found.
How To Repair a Shattered Eyeshadow
Comparing Volumizing Mascaras
How to make pore strips
How to line your water line
What Make-up Brushes you Nees to get started

Those are some of my favorites that I have found on her site. She also has advice for things at home, for style, for travelling, and other neat little how-tos. Take a look at her site, look around, maybe  post a link below in the comments and share with me and the other readers your favorite how-to or article of hers. I can tell you that personally, the making pore strips at home one is already saving me some big bucks. I used to but Biore pore strips, and it cost $8 plus tax for the little things, and there were only 14 of them. Way too expensive, but I had them pegged as a necessity since I have giant pores and terrible skin. Now, I'm never buying them again. Woohoo!

Another quick question for you guys... I don't have any more tutorials done because I hate all the pictures it take to get the look photoed correctly, and show you how I do everything... so who would be interested in video tuts from me? I am thinking of getting a webcam that can shoot videos fairly well so I can do some, and I want your opinions... Let me know!

Final thoughts--- Coming up, maybe later today if I feel the energy to do it, a review Madd Style and Candy's Sweet Treats! Keep on the look out for at least one tonight, maybe both if I get really ambitious. =P  Lots of Love ladies!


  1. congrats to Liz! tuts are always good, I prefer video ones because then I can tell if I'm holding my brush at the right angle and whatnot

  2. Markie, I'd love to see video tuts from you! But that's cause I love your face!

    and YAY!!!!!!!! (that was for winning)