Monday, February 7, 2011

Make-up On the Cheap!

I am a makeup fiend. I am obsessed. I have a dedicated set of drawers for all my makeup stuff. Yeah... I'm a little nuts. So here are some CHEAP make up products that I love. As always, if you have any to ad to this list, comment below with a link! <3

NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil- Was: $4  Now: $2.70
I love these pencils. I use them as a base for all my pigments because they work well, they are cheap, and they have a variety of colors you can use to enhance your look.

Yes they are a pencil, yes you do have to sharpen them, but they are worth it. I only have Milk, Cottage Cheese, and Black Bean so far, but I intend to get a full set. If you are doing a pink and red look for Valentines Day for example, you could use a pink and a red NYX pencil as a base for your pigments, and they help intensify the color. Just want to let your piggies show their natural look? Use Milk or Cottage Cheese. (The are pictured above. The White and the silvery color) They are a perfect base, and you don't need much. I put a nice solid dot at the center of my eyelid, and then spread it around the area I intend to place pigment on. Works like a charm every time. Check out redMascara for the $2.70 deal, and give it a shot. It's totally worth it!

CoverGirl Lash Blast Luxe- Normally- $7
I do not have a definite price on this for you because, I highly suggest going to your local Walmart/Target and picking it up. There are an array of colors, but I use the black.

This stuff goes on like a dream for me, comes off easy with makeup remover, or just soap and water. And it seems to last forever. I use this more than any other product, and it's lasted forever it seems. I usually only have to do one coat and I am good. But, keep this in mind. Mascara is not a "one size fits all". Mascara looks different on everyone, so you kinda need to try a few before finding your favorite. Don't try different brands of the same type. Try volumizing, try waterproof,  try lengthening.. Try all types before making a decision, It took me FOREVER to find and fall in love with this one. Don't lose hope... your mascara soul mate is out there!

Avon Glimmersticks Eyeliner Pencil- Was: $7/Now: $0.90
These are amazing. Tons of colors, easy to put on, and no need to sharpen! I've used these since I started using makeup, and if I ever stop using them, I always come back to them because I know that they work.
I found this deal at Scents for Senses. I am going to have to stock up on payday because that is a crazy good deal! If you have ever wanted to try Avon eyeliners, this is a deal to use to try them with. I really suggest them though because they are easy to use, no hassle, and no mess. That website does not contain all of the Avon line of products though. To see their full line of products, please check out my parents Avon site for current products, and more colors for this eyeliner. (This specific one is on sale for $2.99 on my parents site, so still a good deal ^-^)

Now, I would normally put up eyeshadows and pigments to complete this, but that is hard to do. Each seller has their own deal and sales. Like Glittersniffer Cosmetics is offering a 10 for $15 sale, which is a screaming good deal since her pigments are usually $6.50 (You save about $50!!!). Avon has their 8 and 12 shade pallets on sale for almost 50% off, you save between $6 and $8. Madd Style Cosmetics has 5 for $20, so you essentially get 5 pigments for the price of 4. There is also Candy's Sweet Treats (candyssweettreats) On etsy that offers 5g pots of Pigments for $4.50 as their regular price!! That's just freaking amazing in my book. All of them and impressive and amazing, and it's really based on preference for what you buy.

So ladies, I need some help. Comment below with products you'd like to see me find at a discounted rate for you! My next post about the shopping will include your suggestions! <3


  1. have you personally purchased from each of these websites/brands that you're recommending?

  2. Yes I have. I order a lot of stuff online because it's just cheaper for me in the long run.

  3. Thanks a lot Markie LOL. I ordered 12 pigments from Candy's yesterday because of your post! Its all your fault ;) lol

  4. I'm sorry Stacy... you'll love them though!! I promise!!

  5. I have no doubt that I will. Now I have to patiently wait for them to get here :)

  6. I love my NYX pencils! Me and a bunch of friends buy them at (along with other stuff). The prices are decent, and we gang up to take advantage of free shipping when we order $40, lol. There's a bunch of brands on there, but I've been afraid to try anything but the NYX, since it's a brand I know.