Monday, December 5, 2011

Welcome to.... #occupy INDIE

Ladies, Gentlemen, friends, and makeup lovers. Today, I would like to introduce to you a little project I have been working on with a friend.

Some of you have heard of the Indie 4 Ever project started some time ago. Well, due to various reasons it slowly died out and didn't work as planned. So, Shelby ((not) Making it up) who is a dear and close friend of mine, and I spoke, and decided we wanted to re-vamp the idea, give it a new name that we loved, and expressed how we wanted to help small businesses rather than Large corporations. And so, #occupy INDIE was born.

Please do not take offense to the name. We are not making fun of the Occupy movement in any way, shape or form. We actually are trying to support it in our own way. OWS is about stopping large corporations from running the business industry, as well as other industries through their influence. We chose the name as a way to express that you should be buying indie brands rather than big name brands so you support people just like us.

One thing that Shelby and I agree on, and part of the reason we chose this name, is we watch some of the occupy live streams. So many people that are running the cameras are asking for the closest starbucks, use chapstick constantly, and wear/use big name brands. Although we have no right to tell you where and how to spend your hard earned cash, it concerned us to see people speaking out against big name companies still USING big name companies.

The idea for #occupy INDIE is this:
We want to support small businesses
We want to show what small businesses have to offer

Easy, straight forward, and to the point.

What we intend to do is twice a month do a post about an indie product we have found and loved. We will talk about the company, the product, and why we chose it. If you decide to purchase something we showcase, awesome! As always, don't listen to just us, read reviews, talk to the company yourself, and do your research before buying. Do NOT buy from companies blindly because of one persons opinion, because it could seriously let you down.

I personally will be looking online, and offline for anything I show here. Farmers Markets are great to go to, checking out etsy, or artfire is also fantastic. Small businesses could be anywhere, you just have to look to find them.

Through reading all #occupy INDIE posts, and if you write them yourself, remember that small businesses are not faceless corporations. The owners are just like you and me. They may be a single mom that make hair accessories, maybe a friend who makes bath and body products, a girl who loves makeup so she makes her own, and countless other things. They come from their own walk of life just like us. They may use the income from their small business to help put food on the table, or maybe it's spare spending money. Maybe they use it to put themselves through school. You never know until you ask.

Expect in the coming days/weeks and official schedule of posts. Shelby and I still have to work out the final details on that, and then we will be posting it for everyone to see :D I will be replacing my haul/review schedule spot for #occupy INDIE posts, and that's about all I have for you for now.

Remember, when it comes to small business' we are them, they are us. Without our support small businesses end up closing their doors. Let's show the world that big names do not rule who we are, and that small businesses are what we need <3

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