Tuesday, December 27, 2011

An #occupyINDIE Update

Due to recent events, the launch of #occupyINDIE has been postponed.

I am concentrating all my efforts and spare money on getting my mom her vehicle right now, and uptil she has it I am on a no-buy for anything that is not necessary to my daily hygiene, keeping myself clothed, and keeping my job.

I am also in the process of moving back into my parents for various reasons, so posting and responses to comments may be off until that is complete. On the plus side, it shouldn't take long at all, but it will take some time.

Also, for now, my partner for this project is taking a break from blogging, so I will most likely be launching this on my own, but once it's launched and running, anyone is welcome to post a related post. If you do, please comment on my most recent #occupyINDIE post with a link to yours and I will make sure to put it at the bottom of my post so others can do from post to post if they so choose.

I am sorry that this project is postponed, but I am doing this to make sure that I can dedicate my time and efforts to it fully, rather than having to post sporatically or not at all for weeks at a time. So thank you for your patience, and I can't wait for things to be settled in my new home so that I can start sharing with you all the things I love from the Indie world!

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