Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Rockeresque Holiday

Today I bring you all a nice little look at Rockeresque's Holiday Items. I myself will be ordering all of these items on friday once I am paid, but I wanted to give you all an idea of what they are! (If you like what you see, the prices are all links to the item in Rockeresque's shop :D)

 "Whether you are naughty or nice have santa leave your gifts inside your handmade cruelty-free black and white striped silk stocking! This stocking has a black trim and black looped ribbon so you can hang it anywhere. Attached to the ribbon loop is a 1" bubblegum pink acrylic lightning bolt charm. Inside of the stocking is lined with bright pink fabric. "

Isn't this just super cute!!! I need one <3 Really badly
Price: $10.00

"Feeling frosty? Rockeresque introduces two new loose eyeshadows! Icicle is a baby frosty blue with sparkle and Frostbite a winter chilled navy blue. These colors come inside a 5 gram container with sifter and hold approx. 1.2 grams of shadow. This collection also comes with a handmade blue glitter snowflake ring! All are bundled together inside of a beautiful snowflake box. "

I have tried both of these colors, I got samples of them at one point. Icicle is an amazing silvery blue, great for an accent. Frostbite is a deep navy blue that is gorgeous and creates a fantastic smokey eye.
Price: $25.00

"Smell as good as you look with this peppermint candy cane vegan body splash!"

I love the Holidays, so smelling like them will be fantastic!!!
Price: $6.50

"Hang Rockeresque on your christmas tree, your doorknob, or even over your vanity with this bubblegum pink 4" acrylic ornament! Comes inside of a leopard print box."

I buy one ornament each year (it's a tradition) and I think this is the one to have for me this year <3 
Price: $6.00

"For the Rockeresque fan, wear Rockeresque on your wrist! Charm bracelets are here and will be a permanent staple on our website. The sterling silver 7.5" chain with lobster claw clasp comes with two charms with purchase. Over time we will add new charms to be purchased separately on our website so you can keep adding to your bracelet! New charms are scheduled to be released starting in February. The two charms that come with your chain are a pink lightning bolt and a purple broken heart. Charms come attached to the chain and your bracelet comes inside of a leopard print box. "

I love bracelets!! And this screams adorable and fun
Price: $16.50

"4 die-cut 1" vinyl Rockeresque stickers can finally be yours! Put them on your notebook, your makeup kit, or your kitty's food dish! You get a pink lightning bolt, a purple broken heart, a black and white striped bow with a purple diamond, and a blue diamond. "

A perfect way to dress up a makeup case, a bathroom mirror, a school binder, or anything that you can slap a sticker on! <3 (I love stickers :3)
Price: $5.50

"Can't decide what to order? Get everything! When you purchase a holiday collection all of the above items are included!"

This is what I am getting. I can not for the life of me decide what I need/want. So why not get it all! :D
Price: $78.50

"You can add gift wrap to any order for only $5 per wrapped item! Be sure to send a note in your preorder email or if you wait to order, in your notes to seller on paypal about what you would like wrapped and any personal messages you might have! Wrapping paper is chosen randomly of our stock of black, pink, and black and white stripped paper, includes bow and message."

Buying for a special someone? Don't want to wrap it yourself? Then let Rockeresque do it for you!
Price: $5 for each wrapped item

I see some items are on sale in their shop currently for the holiday items. I have the normal prices listed in case the sales go away before you get there. Check out their Holiday Shop for more info on sale pricing :D


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  4. I treated myself for my birthday with this one thing. I did not go out anywhere or do anything and I am personally donating money and time to help out my mothers situation.

  5. While Markie is asking for donations for her mom, that shouldn't mean she stop buying things for herself all together. I'm sure her mom wouldn't want her to do it and everyone deserves a little gift for themselves.

    Yes, she could be saving this money for her mom and foregoing things; but she decided to treat herself as a gift for her birthday.

    Who am I or you to judge what she does with her money? I know for a fact that all of us spend money on things we don't really need when we could be putting it towards bills, helping out the homeless, or even helping a friend in need.

    If you feel so strongly about her spending money on herself this holiday, then you can choose to not donate to the cause. Just remember, you're not hurting Markie but her mom. Markie is putting in a lot of effort to get her mom a vehicle and none of us know how much money she is/has donated already to the cause. One person can only do so much.

    Nothing I have said was meant to be snarky or in a condescending tone. If it has came across this way, I'm sorry.

    I will leave a small little phrase for you though, "If you have nothing nice to say, then say nothing at all."

    Markie, I think the ornament is a good choice for your one ornament buy. Where else can you find a lightning bolt ornament?!?

    I'm kinda clamoring over the stocking but I really don't need another stocking...really really don't.

  6. I don't have any problem with people spending their birthday money on themselves. I do have a problem with people spending money (however it was acquired) on frivolities whilst asking others to foot the bill for necessities.

  7. I have a job and work full time. My weekends are spent with my mom either helping her around town, cleaning her house, or helping her budget things to help save for this vehicle she needs. I have given her my time and parts of my paychecks to quite some time. I thought it would be nice to ask for a helping hand from those that know me and read my blog. My family means the world to me and I do everything to make life easier for them.
    I will be taking the request on the side down though once I am home from my moms. I will go elsewhere to raise the money. All I wanted and intended to do was something to make her Christmas a little brighter.

  8. FOR THE FUCKING RECORD! I GAVE Markie 150 dollars for her birthday and for the vehicle for her mother. Don't get your head stuck in your ass if you don't know the whole story. Boo fucking who, she bought herself something for her damn birthday, is that a fucking crime? No It's not. Shut the fuck up already. Go cry to someone who fucking cares. I sure as hell don't. Quit judging someone when you don't fucking know them.

  9. That post was not intended for Markie in any way, but to the fucking assholes who bitched at her FOR DOING SOMETHING FOR HER BIRTHDAY FOR ONCE!

  10. Wow...How quick we are to judge! Markie is an amazing person with a huge heart and an astounding amount of love to give. Those of you that do not know her, have absolutely no right to say anything negative at all. As one person mentioned, if you are unhappy with her actions, you have the right to choose to not donate. There is absolutely no need to vilify her for doing something for herself when she does so much for others~