Saturday, December 31, 2011

Achieve-Queen Episode 2

Long time no see everyone. I've had quite a lot of time to play around with my xbox, and Epic just released RAAMs shadow so I kinda went on a Gears marathon. So, all of these are from Gears of War 3 and gotten in the past 2/3 weeks.

Level 25- Pretty basic and straight forward. You have to play GOW3 enough in campaign or multiplayer to reach Level 25. Depending on your skill level and time able to play, you can get this quickly, or it may take awhile.

Death from Above- This one takes some time, and a few times doing the same chapter. If you have RAAM's Shadow, start Chapter 4 and you will get control of the Hammer of Dawn. You need to use this to kill 50 Locust. You can't really get it on the first shot, so once you have killed everything on screen, pause the game and restart from the last checkpoint. Rinse and repeat until you get it.

Unarmed and Dangerous- With this one, if you go to chapter 2 in the main campaign, and during the battle with Cole, Baird, Sam, and Carmine at the super market once they've found supplies, hop in the loader, but DO NOT pick up the supplies. Then charge out, knock the car out of the way and start killing some Locusts! You can knock the van out of the way as well and a stalk will appear, and give the you final kills you need for the 10 kills.

Help From My Friends- Grab 3 friends, and play co-op on RAAM's shadow. Easy and simple. (If done right you can get this one, some friendly competition, and Welcome to Arcade mode all at the same time)

Some Friendly Competition- Play through RAAM's Shadow in Arcade mode.

Welcome to Arcade Mode- Play through 5 chapters of some type of campaign in Arcade mode with 3 of your friends.

Zeta Team Go!- You need to get 4 friends, and have your characters set to be one of each of the members of Zeta squad (no repeats.) You can play through all 10 waves of Horde, or you can just do wave 10 and it will count. I suggest doing all 10 waves because I don't know when/if they have fixed that glitch in the system.

Kill Locust (Like a Boss)- Defeat a boss wave in Horde with a full team of Onxy Guards. You will need 4 other people as Onxy Guards in order to get this achievement.

Wreaking Locust Vengence- In beast mode, you need to play as each of the locust characters and get a kill with each one. It's quick and easy to do, and if done right, can be done in one 12 round match of Beast mode.

Welcome to Beast Mode- Complete the 12 rounds of Beast mode for the first time.

Welcome to Zeta- Go through the RAAM's Shadow DLC on standard Campaign, any difficulty.

Finger of Doom- During the RAAM's Shadow Campaign you will play as General RAAM. He has an attack where he sends out Kryll to kill an enemy. You need to kill 50 Gears with this attack for this achievement. This could take 2 or 3 times depnding on if you are in co-op or single player, and how well your other team members (AI or not) kill the gears as well.

Enriched and Fortified- You have to complete all 50 waves of Horde mode. You can do it on any difficulty, and you don't have to have the same team the whole time. You just have to play through to 50. You can also do this on separate occasions. So do maybe 10 waves a day, or 15 waves a day.

It's All About the Loot- You need to earn the Bronze "Loot Courtesan" medal. You do this by completing challenges in Horde and earning their Loot drops.

Respect for the Dead- You need to go through Act 4 Chapter 1 titled "Ashes to Ashes" without running into any of the Ash-People. The NPC's can, but you cannot knock any of them over. Once you get to Griffin's place, you will pass an armory in the building, if you have succeeded the woman inside will tell you that you are respectful (or something along those lines) and open the door, then you can restock your ammo, change out your guns, and you get the achievement.

The Versus Sampler Platter- You have to play through one game of each type in versus mode. Personally, I always tried to get into a game, and then play through that one, and a full other game just to make sure each one counted. Then I would back out and choose another game type. Wash, rinse, and repeat.

Welcome to Versus- You need to play a game on Team Deathmatch and kill at least 10 enemies during the game.

And that is that for now! Expect more achievements next week on another post of Achieve-Queen :D

Feel free to comment, share tips, and chat.

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