Sunday, February 5, 2012

New things in life, writers, and upcoming

Hey everyone, long time no post.

So I have been moving over the past month and had to put a hold on my posting until now. I had to move back home to help with my own life, and help with my family. Now that I am all settled, expect posts to start appearing in your feeds again.

Speaking of posts, we have 2 new writers that will be posting here from time to time.
There is Sharon and Courtney. Both are fantastic ladies, who love make up, and gaming on the side. I am excited to have them here, and have them as friends. Feel free to say hello in the comments!

Also, I am going to make some use out of my youtube channel, and do some vlogs. I will post them here when I do them. I also hope to do some tutorials as well and put them here.

Lots to do! I have to finish unpacking but expect some posts to start appearing again next week! <3

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