Saturday, March 26, 2011

On Gaming, and on life

So... here's the blog, you might think... "Dang that's a sweet header" YES IT IS DON'T KNOCK MY HEADER! Thanks to my wonderful awesome friend Dez for making it for me... I loves it. So anyway... now it's nuclear winter...

But not really. It's a nuclear holocaust cause I've been playing Fallout New Vegas all morning on my sexbox. I mean Xbox 360s... but the S makes me think it means "sexy" because the new 360 is damn sexy. So.... I've dubbed my console the SexBox. Deal with it. Anyway! Back to fallout... I've decided that my chick is a skank. I have seriously slept with the dude that tried to kill me (who I then murdered in cold blood right after he finished pleasing me) A robot named "Fist-o", A cowgirl in a swanky hat, and a few other people throughout the wasteland. I should open a brothel for all of them, well except the dead guy, and make money off them. God only knows you can never have enough money in that game. Also.... Beware of trainyards, cause there this one with Deathclaws, and they kinda rip our face off. Just an FYI if anyone who may try playing this game. Deathclaws + Low level you = mushy-pile of dead you on the Deathclaw's claws. Just saying. Be careful, and watch yourself. MOVING ON!!!

Other gaming crack right now: Halo: Reach. No, I am not so addicted like some crazy 12-year olds/adults out there that practically smash up the dang disc and snort it like a line of coke in order to get their game on. I use good old fashioned FAIL (I like the game, but yeah I kinda suck) and a lot of "plug in the mic and talk shit to the people you are playing against" Most boys/men flip out when I am on the mic because they go "OH SHI.... IT"S A GIRL!" and tend to be distracted and fascinated by me because god forbid there's a girl on the internet, and she's playing Halo. When they stand dazed and enamored by my presence, I run up, stick a sticky grenade to their face/nuts then run backwards and watch them explode. Oldest trick in the book, and it still works. Score 1 for me, Score 0 for the girl-obsessed gaming world. Win.

Onto some other news.... I am supposedly going to Sephora in about 4 hours for a makeover. Not sure if I trust them with my face, but I may still give them a chance. Maybe. If I do, blog later tonight with pictures of what they did to me will soon follow.

Speaking of Sephora- Tokidoki Lip gloss that is BRIGHT BLUE, goes on clear, and tastes like blueberries---- new addiction. I love it, I can't stop using it, and I constantly lick my lips like a nut job. Don't judge me... I love blueberries. =D

And I leave you all with this:

Watch it... you won't be disappointed. I listened to it and sang it while writing this for you guys. (I totally want to date that guy... he's cute, can sing, and more than likely a gamer. Love him.)


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  1. LOL on the song- never heard it before. I love the Internet is for porn WoW edition though. Siiigh I miss Wow but I don't know anyone that plays now and that is boring!

    Like the new blog and cannot wait for pictures from your makeover!