Wednesday, March 16, 2011

An update finally! (it's a little long)

Alright Ladies, Sorry that I have been gone for a little while now. I've had some issues in my life (some are still going on) and I did not want to pass my case of the sads onto y'all. But, I have considered some things, and will be changing the misson of this blog a bit.

I want to inform the world of my beauty knowledge, inside and outside beauty. I want to inform everyone of the indie companies to love, and the ones to steer away from. I want to share stories of my life with people, cause sometimes, I have some AWESOME ones. I want to have contests, and give out freebies to share cool stuff with you all. Sometimes, I just need to vent, so sometimes, you will see non-makeup related things. We all have stresses, we all have wants and needs and desires. I want to share things with people. I want to make this blog into not only an informative Beauty blog, but make it a little personal as well. I hope you all accept that.

On to the Beauty Portion of the night! Woohoo!

I have fallen in and out of love with A LOT of companies lately. So let me make a list with some reason:

Glittersniffer Cosmetics
I feel betrayed by Glittersniffer because they made PROMISES to their customers, and never delivered. They have HARRASSED and attracted A RADIO STATION to cover the issue at hand. Their products HURT more than one PERSON, but claim none of it is founded. To find out more about the issues with Glittersniffer, see The GS Complaints blog in order to read more about the on going investigation into GS's business practices, the refunds they've promised, and the hope that they will improve.

Madd Style Cosmetics
Madd has not done anything that is too terrible. If you are looking for an all vegan company though, please be careful with Madd. It was discovered that come of their PRODUCTS were listed as vegan even though they contained Carmine.

Orglamix Cosmetics
Orglamix seems to be just slapping stickers on their PRODUCTS and calling them their OWN. There is more information HERE and HERE.

Ruthless Cosmetics
Ruthless is selling non eye safe colors as eye-safe. When this was brought forward originally as a buyer beware, they responded with some not friendly RESPONSES. Then they came back to fight with ANOTHER girl about the original blog that posted the buyer beware. A little unfair I think Considering it was just a warning to be careful where you use the products. Check HERE for further information and reviews.

Now, not all companies are bad. Indie companies are amazing, and I love them with all my heart.  There is Virus Insanity Eyeshadows which is amazing with their service, super friendly, and their shadows go on like a dream. There is Candy's Sweet Treats (link on the side bar) which I love, and their names make me giggle. And many, many more. I love those two, have tried them, and highly respect them as companies (reviews coming soon too! I promise!)

Also as a buyer beware- Morgana Cryptoria has recalled some of their lipstick shades due to misinformation from their supplier. Check it out if you own any so you can get an exchange/refund!

Lots of love, and comment below with your thoughts and feelings <3

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  1. Love you Markie and you're awesome. Glad you're back at it.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the colors I got from VIE, definitely will be ordering from Jennifer again!