Monday, March 21, 2011

Primer, Primer.. Who's got the Primer!?

Why use eye primer? What's the point of adding another step to (for the most part) our already long makeup application project? Lets take a look at 2 options for eye primer!

First off, what is eye primer used for? Well it helps with making your eye shadows/pigments stay on all day, helps prevent creasing, and because more color will adhere to it, helps make a brighter look. There are people that swear by primer, and there are those that don't. The following is all in my own opinion, and this is my first time EVER using primers. Enjoy my fail y'all.

The Contenders:
Sephoras Basic Eye Primer

Urban Decay Primer Potion
(In the original sheer)

The question is, which one works  better? Which one holds up to show the true colors of eyeshadows/pigments? That's what I have set out to find out for you guys! 

Observation #1: Application

The above picture is my eyes with both primers applied.  SEP is on my Left eye, UDPP on the right (Hey look! I figured out how to label my photos without them looking like crap! <3) Both applied well. SEP has a built in brush, and UDPP has a wand. I do have to say I much prefer the wand to the brush because it doesn't clog up like the brush does. SEP dispenses by a twist bottom that pushes product up into the brush, which means that you can have to much, or the brush will cause clogs later on if not sealed properly. They both set themselves and were ready for base in about 1-2 minutes.

Observation #2: Adding a Base

 So, a side by side comparison. the SEP just kinda absorbed the NYX pencil into it. The UDPP held only the NYX Pencil like it was glue!
 Close up for the SEP eye. You can see where the primer changed colors where the NYX was applied originally.
Close up of the UDPP eye. The UDPP held onto the pencil, and allowed me to spread it fairly easily across my eye.

I really did not like the appearance of the SEP. It looked kinda gray-orange on my skin after the base was applied, and it felt strange. It really felt like I had poured straight foundation on my eye lids and just left it there. Not a great feelings. UDPP is nearly invisible, which means that if you don't take your makeup to the base of your brow, it won't show as much as the SEP would. It's also easier to apply a base onto, and it still maintains the bases color. I would be afraid to use colored bases with SEP since it would discolor them.

Observation #3: With Eyeshadow/pigment added on

SEP with Irish springs and Supernova: Irish springs took an orange undertone thanks to the coloration of the SEP primer. Not happy.When you apply a color, you want that specific color, not a variation of it. So, I'd say that SEP would be a better primer for looks with all oranges, or browns. That way, the colors are less affected by the coloration of the primer itself.
UDPP with Irish Springs and Supernova: Very true to color. The green popped and remained that way until I took off my makeup this evening. The Orange looked amazing as well, and wasn't made too bright or darkened by the primer. UDPP seems to be the better choice so far because it doesn't add more color to your eye shadow, it just helps it remain in one piece

Also, a short side note: Facebomb Cosmetics is a brand new indie company run by my friend Shayna Toole. Just got my first order from her today, and I love these two colors. Check out her facebook page to see all currently available colors!

The Verdict:

After trying both, and wearing both for a few hours, I have to say that Urban Decay Primer Potion is the clear winner this round! It does it's job, doesn't color the pigments because of the shade of it, and dries slightly faster than Sephoras Eye Primer. I really suggest it, and have to say it is well worth the money you have to pay for it. Wanna try it out? Sephora has their sample size bottle for $9 and they go a LONG way! I highly suggest giving them a try at least once. Urban Decay is my official eye primer of choice for now. Do you ladies have another suggestion?  Let me know in the comments below!!


  1. Yaaaaaaaaay!!! Thank you Markie! I LOVE YOU!

  2. BTW everyone: You can click the pictures to make them bigger to see a better comparison!