Saturday, March 26, 2011

On Pokemon... and their craziness

First off... don't judge. I am 22, and I still play pokemon. I had no childhood when it comes to things like Pokemon because for some reason I just never got into it until I was in my late teens. So, don't judge, I am just making up for last time.

So to cheet me up the other day the boyfriend decided to buy me Pokemon White. It's the newest edition of the game on the Nintendo DS. It has cut scenes, 600+ pokemon, and is more 3-D then the previous games. Finally, pokemon is catching up to the present day graphics that it whole heartedly deserves. I wanna see cute animal-type things battle in high-definition dangit! Anyway.... so heres what you get to choose as first pokemon:

From left to right:

Snivy is a grass pokemon and to me, looks like he's full of himself. Sure, he is kinda cute, but let tme explain that look. He looks like he was born with a silverspoon shoved so far up his butt that he thought one day he would rule the world. Since I am playing a girl character about to go on an epic journey to collect all the pokemon, I don't need to battle with my own damn pokemon for the spotlight. So I ruled him out right away. Not going there.

Tepig is a fire pokemon. He looks like he's on way to many anti-depressants and that he may snap and go crazy one day. Maybe once he hits rock bottom, goes to rehab, and gets better I will choose him as my starter, but until then, he needs to work on laying off the drugs. He's cute, but I don't want to enable an addict. I couldn't handle that burden.

Oshawott is a water pokemon. He is ADORABLE! He looks like a cute little otter, that for some reason never gets picked. He looks like he just wants to be taken home, fed milk and cookies, and loved. He looks like the pokemon that gets passed up for all the other ones. So, he became my starter, and I gave him a good home. I picked up his shiny little poke ball, put it in my non-exsistant pocket, and went on my way.

And so the adventure began.

Now... every game has had their own Team whatever to fight. There's been Team Rocket, Team Galactic, Team Magma, and Team Aqua. (I am sure there are more, but I don't know them all...) This game has Team Plasma, who are fighting for the freedom of all pokemon by stealing everyone's pokemon, Kinda annoying, and just as incompetent as all the other teams in the past. They come off as slightly more intelligent, but sadly it's all a ruse to make you think there is more of a challenge.

Also, as an adult playing these games.. some of the moves that your pokemon learns are no longer innocent sounding. Like when my Oshawott learned "Water Sport" I died laughing. It's supposed to be a move that improves the effectiveness of water-type moves. But my mind went to a totally different place. Same with using "Lick" from my male Lillipup on a wild female Lillipup and it makes them faint instantly. Yeah... I should pull my mind out of the gutter when I'm playing these games otherwise I will die laughing every time one of my pokemon learns a new move. I know, I know. It's a kids game and intended to be innocent... but it's really not as innocent as you think.

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